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School of Humanities and Fine and Performing Arts

With inspiring programs in Art, Communication, English and Modern Languages, and Music, our school provides a vibrant canvas of opportunities to nurture your talents and prepare you for a world of creative and meaningful pursuits. Whether you're crafting compelling narratives, expressing yourself through art and music, or mastering the nuances of language, you'll find endless avenues for personal and professional growth. Immerse yourself in a dynamic community that encourages innovation and artistic expression, and let your passion flourish. Here, your potential knows no limits.


Harness your creative abilities to produce stunning works, convey powerful messages, and inspire transformation within the artistic community.

Through the communication program at Pitt State, gain the skills to produce content, build messaging, and create change in the community.

Refine your language skills, elevate your literary expertise, and cultivate global connections through impactful communication.

Pursue your passion for music, studying theory, history, and performance across a variety of genres.

Discover your passions and get involved with our wide range of clubs and organizations.

Discover a world of opportunities and gain valuable experience.

Connect with our faculty members who are dedicated to your academic success.

Check out our scholarships page for information on how to apply and reduce your tuition cost.

Enroll now for an exciting semester of learning and growth.

Contact us

Art: 620-235-4302
Communication: 620-235-4716
English and Modern Languages: 620-235-4689
Music: 620-235-4466


Please check the directory page. Need to reach individual faculty member? Check faculty page.

College of Arts and Sciences

School of Science and Mathematics is part of College of Arts and Sciences at Pitt State.

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