Pitt State Pathway

Pitt State Pathway is your opportunity to expand on your own wide array of talents and provides a student-focused program that facilitates the development of skills, knowledge, and values required for career success and global citizenship.

Resources are available to help you navigate through Pitt State Pathway.

Choose one of the following:

Comprehensive curriculum
for a global approach to learning.

Exercise lab

Transformational Experience

Challenges students to think creatively and critically.

Commencement students

Lifelong Learning

Encourages development of skills.

Chinese culture day

Global Sense

Fosters sense of personal responsibility, appreciation of diversity, and understanding of global interconnectedness.

Pathway Courses

Pathway courses are for students who graduated high school, or students who are transferring with fewer than 12 hours of college credit.


The core courses are basic skills needed on which to build the foundation for future learning. Core courses include (12 hours):

  • Written
  • Verbal
  • Quantitative/Analytic method

Essential Studies and Companion Elements

The Essential Studies component courses (23-24 hours) are delivered in such a way to expand your experience on the following subjects:

  • The Human Experience within a Global Context
  • Human Systems within a Global Context
  • Natural World within a Global Context
  • Wellness Strategies

With each of these Essential Studies components we added a range of companion elements to broaden the scope of the course in a reflective and innovative direction. These companion elements include:

  • Diverse Perspectives
  • Social Responsibility
  • Non-verbal and Creative Expression
  • Scientific Inquiry

Pathway Elective

The elective course (3 hours) allow for a closer inspection of an additional Essential Studies course that is something of interest or helps meet your major requirements.

Gorilla Gateway

Gorilla Gateway is a course (2 hours) specifically developed to better understand your surroundings and the services provided at PSU as well as develop essential life-long skills such as:

  • Information and Digital Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Self-Management
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Initiative