Pathway resources for PSU Advisors

New students

Pitt State Pathway (PSP) applies to students in the 2019-20 catalog and beyond. This Includes:

  • Students who graduated high school in 2019,
  • Students who are starting at PSU with fewer than 12 hours of transfer credit earned AFTER high school,
  • Any student in a prior catalog will follow the general education requirements as we’ve know them the last several years.

Links to resources are found below. Consult with the Degree Checking Office staff if you have questions regarding a student’s catalog year. Call Ext. 4211 or email

Transfer and current students

For any current PSU or new transfer student who considers switching catalogs:

  • Changes in the major requirements may occur when switching catalog years
  • Gorilla Gateway is a required class
  • Students will have different choices in Quantitative/Analytics (MATH or PHIL)
  • One science is required w/lab
  • PSP requires fulfilling specific credit hours in each component. Use the advising/planning document to determine if student’s prior credit will meet Essential Studies components and Companion Element requirements
  • The Prefix restriction in PSP may remove the ability to use some former gen ed courses

What changed?

  1. Students in the 2019-20 catalog will not have access to the electronic GUS degree audit until Spring 2020. Refer to the documents below to assist with advising.
  2. It will be important to keep a paper file of the student’s advisement and completed courses for future advising sessions.
  3. Check the student’s transfer credit by viewing their unofficial transcript on GUS (if courses transferred from another college VIEW TRANSFER TRANSCRIPT). AP, CLEP or IB credit equivalency can be viewed on the student’s GUS transfer transcript. If the student recently took the course/test or has not had their transcript sent, it will be necessary to find the Transfer Equivalencies Guides or Credit for Prior Learning via the links below.
  4. Consideration of credit hour requirement for each of the Essential Studies while also identifying classes with each of the 1-4 companion elements is necessary.
  5. Students considering a change in catalog should consult with Student Financial Assistance regarding any impacts to financial aid packages.


Web page links

Transfer Equivalency Guidelines

Credit for Prior Learning (AP, CLEP, IB)

Schedule of classes

Instructions on how to change catalog years

Got Questions?

Contact Heather Eckstein

Call Registrar at (620) 235-4200 or Student Success at (620) 235-4265.