Pathway resources for high schools students and counselors

Prepare yourself for a new way of approaching general education. At PSU we are providing an interdisciplinary perspective to your learning experience to prepare you to be a more globally aware and engaged member of tomorrow’s workforce. This all starts as you prepare to begin your Freshman Year at Pittsburg State University.

Components of Pitt State Pathway

Important components to consider

If you are considering taking college coursework while in high school, review the approved Pathway course list by category to identify courses that are best suited for you and the major you plan to pursue. Our Transfer Equivalency Guidelines provide course equivalency information for many universities and colleges in the region.

Prior to your full-time enrollment at PSU, it will be important for you to have official college transcripts sent to PSU from previous colleges in order to transfer the credit. The credits cannot be transferred from your high school transcript. Also, the Credit for Prior Learning web page provides guidance on how PSU accepts credit for CLEP, AP, and IB credit.

Map out your long-term plan

To map out your long-term plan for completing the Pitt State Pathway, check out the Academic Advising Planning Document. This, along with the Pathway course list by category, will assist you in choosing appropriate courses.

Note: A, B and H courses on the plan are identified for you. From the Pathway Course List you are looking for 3-5 hours of C, 23-24 hours of D, E, F, and G, while also identifying the designated number of credit hours needed from each of the Essential Studies and corresponding companion elements.

Asking for help

PSU academic advisors are prepared to assist you with your Pathway plan and to identify the best way to complete your degree. You will meet with an academic advisor at Pitt CARES New Student Orientation and be assisted by a faculty advisor throughout your college career. The schedule of classes will help you identify the time, course delivery type, and availability of the courses that interest you.


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