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Police and Public Safety

In case of an emergency dial 911. For non-emergencies, contact Pitt State Police at 620-235-4624.

For non-emergency questions, services and information, including records requests and more.

Loitering, abandoned objects, aggressive behavior, vandalism, unusual odors.

Sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking

Purchase parking pass, pay fine, view maps, and check guidelines.

Overview of incidents, concerns, and measures related to the safety of Pitt State campus.

View registered sex offenders who are located in the Pittsburg area.

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Our Police and Safety Services

  • Respond to suspicious or criminal activity on campus
  • Work on safety education programs
  • Fingerprinting services for background checks
  • Safety escort on request
  • Emergency message delivery, RAVE
  • Dispatch to on-campus emergency phones
  • Connect with City of Pittsburg for bike registration
  • Secure/unlock campus buildings
  • Lost and found
  • Vehicle unlocks and jump-starts
  • Building/facility checks for prohibited items
  • Campus surveillance 

Engaging Workshops

Our officers are available to address your fraternity, sorority, residence hall, class, or any other group, discussing crucial subjects like drug awareness and crime prevention.

Setup a Training

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Be Gorilla Ready: Emergency Management


If you hear a fire alarm or see a fire, immediately evacuate the building via the shortest and safest route.
  • Activate the fire alarms system at the nearest pull station as you exit.
  • Knock on doors and yell “fire” as you depart.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Assist individuals with disabilities to a safe location and notify emergency personnel.
  • Once outside, keep clear of entrances. Move at least 100 feet away from the building and avoid emergency vehicles.
  • Using fire extinguishers by trained individuals is optional (use only for small trash-can-size fires). Yell out for help and keep the exit behind you. Upon emptying the extinguisher, immediately exit. Do not go back or re-enter the space if fire is still present. Activate the fire alarm pull station.

Active Attack Awareness

Pitt State Police utilizes the Run, Hide, Fight training model for violent intruder situations. Options do not always occur in the order listed, all options may not be necessary for every event, and not all options will be possible.
  • Run: Have an escape plan, evacuate, leave your belongings. Help others if possible. Call 911 when you are safe.
  • Hide: Be out of shooter/attacker's view. Lock doors and block them with furniture or whatever's available. Keep your option for movement, silence your phones, be quiet.
  • Fight: Act aggressively. Incapacitate the attacker. Throw objects. Yell & call for help. Fight only as a last resort. Be prepared.
When law enforcement arrives: Follow instructions of police officers. Drop any object. Keep hands visible.


Locate the tornado shelter signs in your building or ask your department head. Pittsburg's Outdoor sirens will sound. Check your local TV or radio stations or the weather app on your cell phone and it will notify you when it is necessary to take cover.

  • If outside, seek shelter immediately and stay indoors during the storm.
  • Go to the interior hallways on the lowest level of the building.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, and outside walls. Protect your head.
  • Leave mobile homes, trailers, and vehicles and go to a substantial structure.

Bomb Threat

If a caller threatens a bomb attack, try to keep the caller on the line and have another person notify Pitt State Police at 911 or 620-235-4624.

Take note of background sounds (e.g., other people talking, traffic noises) and if the caller is male or female. Engage the caller in extended conversation and ask:

  • Exactly where did you place the bomb?
  • What time is it set to go off?
  • What does the bomb look like?
  • What kind of explosive did you use?
  • How will the bomb be set off — by time mechanism, oxidizing agent, heat, or movement?
  • Why did you place the bomb in this building?
  • May I have your name?

Severe Weather

Ensure you have a way to receive watch and warning alerts during severe weather.

  • Lightning: Seek shelter if possible or stay in your vehicle. Avoid open fields, trees, light poles, and bodies of water.
  • Hail: Get inside and stay away from windows; get off of athletic fields.
  • Flooding: Do not drive or walk into flood waters – find an alternate route.
  • Extreme heat: Stay hydrated and wear light clothing; if outside, wear sunscreen and take breaks.
  • Extreme cold: Wear layers and dress warmly; have a backup power supply available.

Medical Emergency

Call 911 from any telephone. (If using campus phones, dial 9, then 911.) Describe the nature of the medical problem and the location of the emergency.

  • Do not attempt to move a person who has fallen or appears to be in pain.
  • Provide first aid to someone who is ill or injured and in need of immediate care.
  • Remain with the injured person until help arrives.

File a Police Report

If you need to file a police report, contact our Police and Public Safety department.

We'll arrange a meeting at Shirk Hall or dispatch an officer to your location for a confidential discussion about the incident.

This one-on-one conversation with a police officer allows you to share the details of the incident in a safe and supportive environment.

Contact our Law Enforcement Officers

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Stay in the Loop

Stay informed about campus safety updates, crime prevention tips, and emergency notifications.

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Get medical assistance to address health-related concerns and emergencies on campus.

Personalized assistance for any issues related to sexual harassment, discrimination, or misconduct.
A free, on-demand transportation service to ensure safe and secure travel in the Pittsburg area.

Meet the staff

Andrew Beihl
Andrew Beihl

University Police Officer
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Andrew Beihl

Matthew Campbell

University Police Officer
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Matthew Campbell

Shannon Gerwert

Police Communications Specialist I
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Shannon Gerwert

Kyle Herron
Kyle Herron

University Police Officer
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Kyle Herron

Stu Hite

Executive Director
Phone: (620) 235-4620

Contact Stu Hite

James Jarvis

University Police Officer
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact James Jarvis

Mrs. Tammy Jarvis

Police Communications Specialist
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Mrs. Tammy Jarvis

Mr. Jeffrey Keller
Mr. Jeffrey Keller

University Police Officer
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Mr. Jeffrey Keller

Justin Noel

University Police Officer
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Justin Noel

Mike Paasch

University Police Sergeant
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Mike Paasch

Shawn Page

Police Communications Specialist I
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Shawn Page

Dusty Park

University Police Officer
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Dusty Park

Steve Rosebrough
Steve Rosebrough

Assistant Director
Phone: (620) 235-4622

Contact Steve Rosebrough

Daniel Weaver

University Police Officer
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Daniel Weaver

Carol Young
Carol Young

Police Communications Specialist Senior
Phone: (620) 235-4621

Contact Carol Young

Amber Zachary

Police Communications Specialist
Phone: (620) 235-4624

Contact Amber Zachary

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