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Parking at Pitt State

Parking rules, permits, and fees at Pittsburg State University.

Parking On-Campus

Parking on the University campus is managed by Pitt State Police, which oversees the distribution of parking passes and enforces fines to ensure orderly and efficient parking for all.

Permits should be displayed on the driver’s side front window.

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Parking Zones

  • Blue: Faculty and staff. Valid in Blue and Brown zones.
  • Brown: Faculty, staff, and students.
  • Orange: Students with on-campus housing in Bowen, Trout, Tanner, Nation, Dellinger, and Crimson Commons. Valid in both Orange and Brown zones.
  • Visitor: Does not require a permit.
  • Motorcycle: Faculty, staff, and students.

Blue and Brown Zones are not enforced after 3:30 PM, Monday-Friday, or on the weekend.

Parking Lots Map

Parking Guidelines

Parking Violations

  • Timed Zones: $25
  • No Permit: $25
  • Wrong Zone: $25
  • Unauthorized Parking: $25
  • Parking on Grass/Sidewalk: $40
  • Yellow Zones: $40
  • Fire Lane: $100
  • Tampering or Misuse: $100
  • Handicapped Zone: $100

Fines are imposed for various violations, with a $5 penalty for late payment. Failure to pay fines can affect student records.

Parking Violation Appeal

Appeals can be made within 14 days of citation issuance. You must pay the fine first before making the appeal.

Appeal process involves submitting a form, attending a hearing, and receiving a final decision from the Appeals Board.

Parking Pass Pickup

Parking permits can be purchased online. After payment, the pass will be sent to your on-campus mailbox. 

If you have not received your pass, visit the University Police and Public Safety office located at 1501 South Joplin Street, Pittsburg, Kansas.

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Gameday Parking

Nine parking lots are available near Carnie Smith Stadium. Gold permit holders have reserved spots, others are open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Lots open at 7 AM on game day. Bus and RV parking are open 6-9 PM the night before the game.

  • Champions Plaza: $10
  • Handicap Parking: $10
  • Bus/RV Parking: $20
  • Additional Lots: $5

Tailgating Etiquette

Tents are allowed but shouldn't obstruct parking spaces or emergency lanes. Tailgaters must clear the parking lot within 90 minutes after the game. Tailgating is available outside parking lots, including Corporate Tents, Gorilla Village, and Gorilla Grove.

Gorilla Game Day Info
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