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The mission of the Pittsburg State University Physical Plant is to support and contribute to the educational process by maintaining an environment (campus buildings and grounds) in which teaching, research, and service to the community can be achieved effectively and efficiently.  In pursuit of this mission, the Physical Plant provides essential programs in building maintenance and operations, custodial services, utility distribution, energy management, landscaping, lawn care, central stores, carpool, trash removal, general services, safety and environmental health.  Because of its widespread involvement in campus activities and events, the Physical Plant must be aware of and respond to a myriad of maintenance and operational needs, desires and plans requested by faculty, staff, students and other outside organizations.

Although supportive in nature, the Physical Plant has the responsibility for the visual impact or "first impression" of the institution.  The image presented by buildings and grounds can have an indirect influence on the success of the University.  This physical environment can have a profound effect on the attitudes expressed by the faculty, staff, students, alumni, legislators, prospective donors, parents of students and the general public.

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Plant Organization

The Physical Plant Department is housed in three different buildings on campus:  the Physical Plant Building at 300 East Lindburg, Hartman Hall at 307 East Lindburg and the Landscape Building, located directly east of the Weede Building.

The Physical Plant Building contains the office of the Physical Plant Director of Plant Services & Grounds, as well as the administrative and accounting offices, central boiler room, automotive garage, general services, custodial services, main storeroom, and recycling services.  University shipping and receiving is also handled at the Physical Plant.  Official weather data, including hourly temperature and precipitation readings, are recorded on instruments stationed at the Plant for the U.S. Weather Bureau.

Hartman Hall contains the office of the Physical Plant Director of Building Trades, as well as the departments of carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, electronics and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning).

The Landscape Building houses the office and shops of the Grounds personnel.  It also includes a separate greenhouse and storage facility.

While the Physical Plant operates as one unit, there are two separate divisions within the Plant.  Physical Plant Services & Grounds under the Direction of Tim Senecaut resides within the Division of Student Life.   Physical Plant Building Trades under the Direction of Tom Amershek resides within the Division of Administration and Finance.

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