E-Waste Procedures & Form

Electronic Waste or "E-Waste" is obsolete, broken, or unwanted electronic equipment.  E-Waste includes common electronic products such as computers, monitors, Keyboards, televisions, cell phones, VCRs, DVD players, remotes, and speakers.  E-Waste also includes any other common products that have an electrical cord, such as electric clocks, electric pencil sharpeners or small appliances.

Due to the increasing cost for disposing of monitors and TVs, there is a $10.00 charge for disposal of CRT (old-style) monitors and TV's and a $2.00 charge for the disposal of flat screen monitors and TV's.  Charges for these items will be billed through the Materials Clearing process. 

Please note that funding sources need to be included on the E-Waste form when disposing of these items.

E-Waste Disposal Procedure

  1. The E-Waste form has been created using the Excel program and consists of two separate forms; the second located on an additional tab in the worksheet.  Download and save the E-Waste Collection Log form to your computer.  Complete the form, located on the first tab, making sure to include equipment location (building and room number) and any contact information or special instructions.

  2. The Serial and Tag Number Log, located on the second tab, is required when disposing of hard drives, desktop towers or laptop computers.  An IT Technician must "wipe" all hard drives to Department of Defense (DOD) standards.  Request the technician to complete the Serial and Tag Number Log.  Please note that all hard drives must be wiped to DOD standards for security purposes prior to discard.  Machines or drives that have not been wiped will not be picked up until this process has been completed.

  3. After the appropriate forms are completed, email the completed E-Waste Collection Log and the Serial and Tag Number Log as an "attachment" to ewaste@pittstate.edu.  (Please submit forms in the original Excel format due to formulas used).  Please do not send a scanned  or photo copy of the form.

  4. The completed forms will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate person(s) for pick up.  The Physical Plant will also create a work order requesting the pick up of the items.

The E-Waste Collection Log may be completed and sent at any time.  It is recommended that, if you have numerous items, they be consolidated for reduced pick-up trips.  Please contact Tonya Pentola, extension 4780, if you have questions.

Download E-Waste Form