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ROTC Cadets Inspired by Veterans

Three ROTC CadetsPittsburg State University ROTC cadets were inspired to serve their country by veterans. Military Science fourth year Cadets John Brackett, of Leavenworth, Chantz Yager, of Scott City, and Wyatt Charles Pressnell, of Derby, were children when they met veterans who opened their eyes to joining the military. “It is pretty crazy how much each of our lives our affected by that one percent,” Yager said of the one percent of Americans who have joined the military." Full Story


Pitt State Army ROTC Named One of Eleven Nursing Centers of Excellence in the region

Nursing Center of Excellence
Nursing Center of Excellence Designation Presentation Program (video)

Pittsburg State was given this honor due to the achievements of nurses that we have commissioned and the outstanding faculty and staff in the Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing. The Nursing Center of Excellence designation gives priority of nursing scholarships from U.S. Army Cadet Command in our region to Pittsburg State ROTC. Additionally, we are allotted two guaranteed seats in the upper-division nursing program each year, showcasing the outstanding relationship that our department has with the Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing. If you want to compete for a three or four year nursing scholarship, Pittsburg State is the place to do it!

Cadet Command Minuteman Campaign Aims to Give Scholarships to Those Wanting to Serve as an Officer in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves

If you are a current National Guard or U.S. Army Reserves Solider, and want to get college paid for, contact Josh Shay, Scholarship and Enrollment Officer, about a Minuteman Scholarship. This scholarship will pay 100% of your tuition and fees, $600 per semester for books, and a monthly tax free stipend for housing.

Minuteman Campaign Information