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Returning Students

On Your Way Home?

If you are finishing your summer, semester, or year abroad on an individual program, don't forget to check your email for a message with reminders from the Study Abroad Coordinator. 

We hope you've had a great time abroad! Looking for a next step? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Share your experience with your friends and family.
  • Share photos.
  • Volunteer to help the Office of Study Abroad with upcoming events.
  • Join IKE and Pitt Pals (see below).
  • Talk to PSU Career Services about an international career.
  • Reach out to the Study Abroad Coordinator if you need help with transcripts, credit transfer, travel issues, or anything else!

You're Back! Great!...Now What?

Returnees often return to the States with an increased desire to travel again. Sound familiar? The following programs help you stay global both on the PSU campus and by returning abroad.
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Studying abroad can be addicting! Check out these other great program options.

Summer language progras, teaching abroad, internships...the opportunities are endless!


More Options

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Want to internationalize your degree at PSU? Sign up to receive the IKE (International Knowledge & Experience) Certificate. 

You'll need to complete 2 of the 3 components to receive the certificate. Bonus: studying abroad is one component, so you're already half way there!

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Want to make more international friends? Want to show international students what it's like to be at PSU? 

Join Pitt Pals! Sign up for a semester and be a friend to an international student. Eat lunch, grab coffee, go to a football game, watch a movie, etc.!

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The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is a prestigious scholarship that offers graduating students opportunities to teach abroad or continue their education. Students wishing to apply for a Fulbright must first apply to PSU's Fulbright Campus Committee.

Applications are due a year before the desired start date. Students submit their application and essays to PSU's Campus Committee and then apply to the U.S. Student Program by the national deadline in October.

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Other prestigious scholarships include:

Marshall Scholarships to UK

Mitchell Scholarships to Ireland

Rhodes Scholarships to University of Oxford

Gates Scholarships to University of Cambridge

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Volunteer abroad for two years after graduation in one of the following sectors: agriculture, community economic development, education, environment, health, youth in development. 

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Students interested in serving in the Peace Corps should join PSU's Peace Corps Prep Program

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There are opportunities available to teach abroad, usually after graduation. 

Some opportunities include:

Fulbright Grants and English Teaching Assistantships

JET program to Japan

Kansas and Paraguay Partnership 

Teach English in France

Teach English in Spain with our exchange school UCLM      

Affiliate companies also offer some teaching opportunities. For example: CIEE

Students interested in teaching abroad should consider PSU's TESOL certificate to be a more competitive applicant.