Construction students learn by completing community projects  

The Pitt State motto By Doing, Learn, and the university’s mission statement, Making lives better through education, both are on display whenever seniors from the School of Construction complete projects in the community.

Construction cart path

At Four Oaks Golf Course in Pittsburg, a team of seniors in Construction Management completed concrete work to replace a 270-foot section of the cart path as part of a capstone class taught by Assistant Professor Chad Crain and Associate Professor Chris Pross.  

Other projects have included a Habitat Humanity home in Arma, a new house for a family in need in Frontenac, and improved baseball/softball diamonds in Girard.  

“The projects are beneficial in two ways,” Crain said. “They give the students an opportunity to practice industry skills in the field before they graduate, and they provide a valuable service to the community. We love to be part of the community as much as we can.” 

Construction cart path

Senior Austin Roberts said he and his classmates were responsible for figuring out how to manage a project from start to finish, including costing projects, creating contracts, running surveying equipment, and determining batch work for concrete. 

“It’s a great program to get you on the right track if you’re wanting a career in this industry,” Roberts said. “You get a lot of hands-on experience, and it’s been great getting to work as part of a team.” 

Senior Payton Lane said he appreciates the fact that they will “know something about everything” when they graduate. 

“It’s crucial — you need that going out into the workforce,” Lane said. “It will be great to have hands-on experience to be ready to go so we can hit the ground running.” 

“My favorite thing about the School of Construction is that everybody is there to support you, everyone wants to see you succeed, and if you put in as much as you can, they’re going to help you do whatever they can.” 

Construction cart path

Golf Course Superintendent Kris Loy said he was appreciative of their labor and expertise, calling it a win-win: “The work gave them a chance to practice skills, and it helped the City of Pittsburg check a task off our to-do list." 

Photo credit: Addie Hinterweger, a junior double majoring in Graphic Communication (Digital Media) and in Communication (Multimedia Journalism), who used the cart path project as a way to gain hands-on experience in the field, too. 

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