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ESOL Minor

Pittsburg State University offers an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) minor for all Bachelor of Science in Education Majors (Elementary or Secondary). This minor prepares teacher candidates to serve the needs of English Language Learners, or ELLs, (students from non-English speaking homes or backgrounds) in classroom settings from Pre-K through Grade 12. A successful completion of this minor and a passing score on the ESOL Praxis™ examination can lead to a preschool through high school endorsement on an initial teaching license, no matter the grade level of the initial license. This minor by itself does not lead to an initial teaching license.

Additional Information:

Students need to consult with the ESOL advisor prior to planning or enrolling in the ESOL minor coursework. For a full list of courses and additional information, see the Department of Teaching and Leadership's ESOL Minor program guide.

Teacher candidates do not have to know another language in order to be successful in this minor (it is helpful but not required). The purpose of the program is to support future teachers as they learn how to develop and differentiate curricula, while teaching core academic content, assess learning, and provide support for families who are not native English speakers.

The coursework and field experiences are centered around research and best teaching practices. The minor will expand and enrich teaching skills in a collaborative environment. The hands-on interactive teaching strategies that work for all students, but are especially effective for ELLs, can be modified to all subjects and grade levels. They will enable future educators to better serve the needs of all students they teach. 

Native English speakers are highly sought after by International English Language institutions.

Career Options:

ESOL teaching is identified in Kansas, nationally and internationally as a high need field. As a graduate with this minor, you will be equipped to secure employment in the following roles, and more:

  • Preschool ESOL teacher in a Kansas public school (teaching license required)
  • Elementary ESOL teacher in a Kansas public school (teaching license required)
  • Middle level ESOL teacher in a Kansas public school (teaching license required)
  • Secondary ESOL teacher in a Kansas public school (teaching license required)
  • Pre K-12 ESOL program teacher in a Kansas public school (teaching license required)
  • U.S. English Language institution faculty
  • International English Language institution faculty
  • Adult Education ESOL teacher

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