Workplace and Campus Violence Policy

The safety and security of Pittsburg State University employees, students, and guests are very important.  Threats, threatening behavior, acts of violence, or any related conduct that disrupts an individual's work performance or educational activities or the university's ability to execute its mission will not be tolerated.

Any person who makes threats, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent or disruptive acts on university-owned or leased property may be removed from the premises pending the outcome of an investigation.  Threats, threatening behavior, or other acts of violence or disruptive acts executed off university-owned or leased property but directed at Pittsburg State University employees, students or members of the public while conducting official university business is a violation of this policy. Off-site threats include, but are not limited to, threats made via the telephone, fax, electronic or conventional mail, or any other communication medium.  In accordance with state law and Kansas Board of Regents Policy, weapons are prohibited on campus owned or leased property and at university sponsored or related events except as necessary for the conduct of Board approved academic programs or university approved activities or practices.

Violations of this policy by a university employee or student will lead to disciplinary action that may include, but are not limited to, suspension, dismissal, arrest, and prosecution.  If the source of such inappropriate behavior is a member of the public, the response may include barring the person from university-owned or leased premises, termination of business relationships with that individual, and/or prosecution of the person(s) involved.

Employees, students, and guests are responsible for notifying the Vice President for Student Life or the Director of University Police and Public Safety Services of any threats they have witnessed, received, or have been told that another person has witnessed or received.  Employees should also report any behavior they have witnessed which they regard as threatening or violent when that behavior is job related or might be carried out on university-owned or leased property or in connection with university employment.  Retaliation is prohibited against anyone who reports a concern in good faith or who cooperates with an investigation.  Filing of false claims of threat or violence is prohibited.

Each employee or student who receives a protective or restraining order which lists university-owned or leased premises as a protected area is required to provide the Director of University Police and Public Safety Services (38 Shirk Hall) with a copy of such order.

Workplace and Campus Violence Response Protocol


The goal of this protocol is to provide an environment in which employees, students, and all others involved in the business of the university feel safe and are free from threat, harassment, and violence. Violence, real or threatened, is not tolerated in our environment.  The University fully supports the Workplace Violence Policy of the State of Kansas and has developed these protocols toward the prevention of or response to situations of potential or actual violence.

Reports of Imminent or Potential Threat

In Cases of Imminent Threat contact University Police:
Dial 911 from any university phone (just press activator button on emergency phones at locations listed below) or 235-4624 from any cell phone

Emergency Phone Location Listing (Map)

Axe Elevator 911
Axe Lobby 911
Axe Outdoor 911
Brown Lot 911
Dellinger Elevator 911
Family & Consumer Sciences 2nd 911
Family & Consumer Sciences Elevator 911
Family & Consumer Sciences Lobby 911
Grubbs Elevator 911
Grubbs Lobby 911
Grubbs Outdoor 911
Hartman Elevator 911
Hartman Lobby 911
Heckert Wells Elevator 911
Heckert Wells Lobby 911
Horace Mann Elevator 911
Hughes Elevator 911
Hughes Lobby 911
Kelce Elevator 911
Kelce Lobby 911
KTC East Outdoor 911
KTC Elevator East 911
KTC Elevator South 911
KTC Elevator West 911
KTC North Outdoor 911
KTC South Outdoor 911
KTC West Outdoor 911
McCray 2nd East 911
McCray 3rd West 911
McCray Elevator 911
McCray Lobby 911
McCray Outdoor 911
McCray Fourth West 911
McCray Second West 911
McCray Third East 911
McPherson Lobby 911
Nation Elevator 911
Nation Outdoor 911

Porter Lobby 911
Porter Elevator 911
Practice Field/Hike-Bike Trail 911
Russ Annex 1st East 911
Russ Annex 1st West 911
Russ Annex 2nd East 911
Russ Annex 2nd West 911
Russ Annex 3rd East 911
Russ Annex 3rd West 911
Russ Elevator 911
Russ Main 1st North 911
Russ Main 1st South 911
Russ Main 2nd North 911
Russ Main 2nd South 911
Russ Main 3rd North 911
Russ Main 3rd South 911
Russ Main 4th North 911
Russ Main 4th South 911
Shirk Elevator 911
Stadium East First North 911
Stadium East Second North 911
Stadium East Second South 911
Stadium East Third North 911
Stadium East Third South 911
Stadium East Fourth North 911
Stadium East Fourth South 911
Stadium Elevator East 911
Student Center Elevator 911
Veterans Memorial 911
Weede Elevator 911
Weede Lobby 911
Weede Outdoor 911
Weede Pool 911
Whitesitt Elevator 911
Whitesitt Lobby 911
Willard Elevator 911
Yates Elevator 911
Yates Lobby 911

In cases of Potential Threat contact one of the agency designees:

Dr. Steven K. Erwin
Vice President for Student Life     620-235-4231

Stu Hite
Director of University Police and Public Safety Services     620-235-4624

Protection or Restraining Orders

Each employee or student who receives a protective or restraining order which lists university-owned or leased premises as a protected area is required to provide the Director of University Police and Public Safety Services (36 Shirk Hall) with a copy of such order. 

Threat Management and Behavioral Intervention Team

The University has appointed a Threat Management and Behavioral Intervention Team to review situations of threat, potential violence, or incidents of actual violence on the campus and/or in the workplace that do not involve immediate physical threat.  If faculty, staff or student employees feel threatened or if a potentially violent situation exists, they should make contact as noted above indicating that the situation is one involving a workplace or campus violence issue.  Members of the Threat Management and Behavioral Intervention Team are:

Dr. Steve Erwin, Vice President for Student Life
Mr. Stu Hite, Director of University Police and Public Safety Services
Dr. Steve Mayhew, Director of University Counseling Services
Ms. Cindy Johnson, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Ms. Michele Sexton, Director of Budget and Human Resources
Dr. Howard Smith, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success
Dr. James Truelove, Dean of the College of Education
Dr. Jason Kegler, Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Mr. Jeff Steinmiller, Director of the Overman Student Center/Student Judicial Board Chair
Ms. Connie Malle, Director of University Housing
Associate Director of University Housing
Mr. Chris Kelly, Associate Vice President for University Marketing and Communication
Ms. Natalie Cullen, Senior Associate Athletic Director & Senior Woman Administrator in Intercollegiate Athletics
Ms. Jamie Brooksher, General Counsel (Ex-Officio)
Ms. Sara Peak, Public Service Administrator for Student Life (Ex-Officio)

The Threat Management and Behavioral Intervention Team maintain all records pertaining to matters coming before it. Records shall be held confidential unless requested by court order.  The university will investigate any threats of workplace violence to safeguard employees, students, and public and will conduct investigations as unobtrusively as possible.

In the event of an incident or threat of violence, the Team will identify and use all available resources in resolution of the incident or threat and act as liaison with those resources in order to fulfill its responsibilities.  The Team may conduct investigations with involved parties when appropriate; manage all necessary communications relative to the matter; collaborate with employee supervisors and human resources about work-related issues, assignments, and employment status; and/or, make appropriate referral for university judicial action for situations involving students.

The Threat Management and Behavioral Intervention Team makes recommendations regarding aspects of risk management including establishment and review of security procedures.  Training programs aimed to prevent workplace violence will periodically be provided by the Team addressing issues such as creating awareness of potential for violence in the workplace, ground rules for behavior, improvement of communications and other prevention measures, recognition of inappropriate behavior, management and reporting of incidents, and safety measures.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a special service provided for State of Kansas benefits eligible employees and their dependents at no charge.  The EAP provides information, short-term counseling, advice, and referrals from licensed professionals who understand the typical stresses we all face day in and day out.  Contact EAP at any time by calling the 24-hour toll-free number 1-888-275-1205 (option 7).

Approved June 2, 2003

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