Veteran Services at Pittsburg State University
Military-inclusive institution offering a broad range of high quality, very affordable academic programs.

Military-Friendly University: PSU Veteran Services

Continue your education and earn your degree affordably as a service member, veteran or military spouse/dependent. Pittsburg State University is a military-friendly school compatible with your long-term career goals.


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Proudly Serving Military-Affiliated Students

Flat Rate Tuition

PSU offers same cost per semester no matter how many courses you take. 

Military Training Credit

Depending on program, PSU allows for college transfer credit for military training and experience.

Program Flexibility

PSU offers 200+ programs online and in-person for veterans and military.

Supportive Community

The city of Pittsburg honors veterans through discounts, local events, and resources.

Branches PSU Supports:


Air Force

Ready to receive your degree after defending the nation? Whether tasked with flying missions, or on the ground in various construction, support and technical capacities, PSU will turn your experience into college credit.



You have served the American people, defended the nation, protected vital national interests and fulfilled national military responsibilities. Now it's time to receive your degree from Pittsburg State University.


Coast Guard

Your execution of maritime duties can help earn your degree. From ensuring safe and lawful commerce to performing rescue missions in severe conditions, you are eligible for transfer credits.


Marine Corps

Whether you have served on U.S. Navy ships, protected naval bases, guarded U.S. embassies or trained on an ever-ready quick strike force we have a PSU program to jumpstart your post-military career.


National Guard

Responding to domestic emergencies, overseas combat missions, counterdrug efforts, or reconstruction missions a National Guard veteran has many skills eligible for college credit.



Many of the jobs in the Navy are technical and translate well into the civilian world. Fixing airplanes, managing maintenance systems, or operating complex machinery aligns with programs at PSU.



The Army Reserve offers you the opportunity to work in your civilian career or attend college full time while serving near home. Continue your duty while earning your degree at PSU.


Military Spouses & Dependents

There are several education benefits available to dependents of active duty members and veterans as well as surviving family members of deceased veterans, ranging from scholarships to totally free school.

How We Support the Armed Forces

Pittsburg State University understands the needs of the military student and has built a military-inclusive institution offering a broad range of high-quality, very affordable undergraduate and graduate academic programs.

Application Steps

  1. Apply for Admission
  2. Choose a major
  3. Send Joint Services Transcript to Pitt State
  4. Apply for benefits
  5. Certify classes with the veteran's certifying official at the Registrar's Office
  • VA Educational Benefits
  • Procedure
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Pittsburg State Resources
  • You must CERTIFY your classes EVERY semester to receive your education benefit.
  • Classes must be a part of your degree program to be certified.
  • 1606 – Recipients must report school attendance each month to the VA either by calling (877)823-2378 or go online to WAVE


Robin Stricklin, Certifying Official for Pittsburg State University, Russ Hall, Room 103

(620) 235-4202


Veteran's Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center is a location for our Student Veterans on campus to hangout, study or even just lounge around. The space has been newly renovated and is ready for you! Come by anytime between 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


  • Three Computer Stations
  • Study Area
  • Gathering Area & Board Room
  • Kitchenette

Location: 102 Whitesit Hall - see campus map

Veterans resource center