• Gorilla Gateway
  • International Transitions

Recent high school graduates enroll in Gorilla Gateway (UGS 150) during their first semester at Pittsburg State University. Be sure to find a section of this course when enrolling at Pitt CARES or with an advisor. 

Exploratory Studies (undeclared) students will enroll in a section designated as Gorilla Gateway Undeclared. 

Course Description

Gorilla Gateway is a two-credit hour course that is part of the Pitt State Pathway. The course focuses on 9 learning elements of the Pitt State pathway in the categories of information and digital literacy and personal and professional behavior.  Through this course we are striving to provide work habits, positive skills, and critical analysis and thinking skills.  While we will work at promoting the development of certain abilities you will need to succeed, we will also help you recognize and capitalize on those abilities which you already possess.  In addition, this class will give you opportunities to explore the various services which PSU offers to students and how/where to obtain those services

International Transitions (UGS 101) is a one credit-hour course designed to assist students in the transition to university life from another institution of higher education, a work environment, a foreign country, or other situations that would benefit from this assistance. Emphasis is placed on academic, personal and social development necessary to be a successful and engaged member in the university community.

Please contact the International Programs and Services Office for additional information.