Pitt State Mobile App

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Who can download the PSU App?
 Anyone!  It is FREE! And...it is great for learning about what is happening on campus as well as for logistical purposes with its fantastic mapping features.

What mobile operating systems will the PSU App work on?  The PSU App works on both Android and iOS operating systems.

How do I find the PSU App once in the Android or Apple App Store? Simply enter "Pitt State" in the search bar.  You will see the mobile app icon with our famous crimson and gold split face Gorilla pop up.  From there, just download for FREE. 
Why is it so important for PSU students to download and use the PSU Mobile App? As a student you can login to the PSU Mobile App with your PSU credentials:
  • Receive important notifications from campus offices (ex: Registrars office, etc.). 
  • View class schedules and have quick access to class locations with a mapping feature to take you directly to your classes. (This will be very helpful the first week of every semester!)
  • Call/email  advisors and instructors directly from the PSU App.
  • Check the “News and Events” page in the PSU App to find out about exciting campus events!


Pitt State Mobile App FAQ's

  • What devices does the Pitt State App run on?
  • How do I get the Pitt State App?
  • What are the benefits of logging into the app?
  • How do I log into the app?
  • If I have an Idea for the app or find an issue, how do I submit feedback?
  • What if I am getting errors from the app?
  • Will new features be added to the app?

The Pitt State App runs on iPhones and iPads capable of running iOS 10+ (iPad 2 and up, iPhone 4s and up). The app also runs on over 7,000 Android devices running Android version 4.1+.

Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Pitt State.” Look for the familiar split face logo, it should be the first result that comes up.

By logging into the app, you can see your class schedule, tuition statements, holds, change your PSU password, and much more. You can also receive notifications from Pitt State with important information about action items for the semester.
You can log into the app with your PSU ID and PSU Password (the same way you log into GUS), or with your Pitt State Email and PSU Password.
You can use the “Feedback” feature within the app itself to submit feedback straight to our developers. You can also email appfeedback@pittstate.edu with ideas or issues.
If you are receiving errors from the app, contact Gorilla Geeks at 620-235-4600. Be sure to write down the error number you receive from the app to pass along to them.
We will be releasing periodic updates to the app with additional features, stay tuned!