GUSNet Parking Lot Hot Spot Info

We understand that some of our students, faculty, and staff live in locations where strong wifi is difficult to come by.  PSU has positioned some wifi access points near easy parking areas around campus to create GUSNet Parking Lot Hot Spots!  These locations are near parking spots where you can safely park your vehicle and still practice social distancing by accessing GUSNet wifi from your vehicle.  

In addition, Craw-Kan has graciously made Hot Spot access available across the region.  Check out their map above to see if they have a Hot Spot near you! 

Some things to keep in mind as you access GUSNet wifi in PSU's parking areas:
  • You must be a PSU student/faculty/staff member to connect to GUSNet (use your ID and password to log in after selecting the GUSNet network).
  • Different devices connect to wifi better than others. Have a backup plan if possible by bringing more than one device with you.
  • The more users there are connected in one spot, the slower the connection will be.
  • If you are having trouble with accessing GUSNet, repositioning your vehicle may help.  Wifi signals bounce off of everything and interference is a real in some instances closer may not be better. Consider repositioning your vehicle to find the best signal for your device.
  • Be safe!  Put your car in the "Park" position before you access GUSNet. Be sure to practice social distancing from others that may be present accessing GUSNet. 
  • University Police are in the know and will not be ticketing anyone who is accessing wifi by parking in these locations. With that said, please follow all handicap parking rules and regulations.
  • Always feel free to call on the Gorilla Geeks for help:
    • Chat LIVE with us
    • Call us: 620-235-4600
    • Email us: