Welcome to Pittsburg State University!

How to connect

GusNetlogo The PSU campus is a completely wireless campus. There are some locations on campus that have more wireless access than others and are designed for large groups to gather and use wireless devices. Please see the map for these locations (in red).

If you need a hard wire connection to the network in most situations your devices mac address must be registered with our Systems team. We suggest contacting the Gorilla Geeks (Help Desk) at least 48 hours in advance when possible.

Presentation Equipment

Most of the conference rooms and classrooms at PSU are mediated. If you are bringing specialized equipment to be utilized in a presentation we suggest you communicate this to your point of contact at PSU so they can work with the appropriate parties to assure connectivity.


Printing at PSU must be done from a lab computer, the library, or from a registered device on our network.

Help Desk

The Gorilla Geeks Help Desk assists students, faculty, staff, and guests with various technological needs essential for successful university studies in today’s world, while also providing a single point of contact for services offered through the Office of Information Services.

Gorilla Geeks  -  109 Whitesitt Hall  -  620-235-4600  -  geeks@pittstate.edu