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Hermansson SP23

Travel in three different countries with different dialects and national cultures. Learn different writing styles for different purposes by creating a travel writing portfolio.

10 days during Spring break 2023

Enroll in 1-3 credits of English, Travel Writing or a 1 credit Biology class.

Click here for more info or email Dr. Hermansson,

Spain 2023

Explore the culture, history, and language of Spain on this 11 day program right after the spring semester in May 2023.

Enroll in 3 credits of HONOR 201 (Special Topics: Spain Study Abroad) or 3 credits of MLL 475 (Directed Studies: Spain Study Abroad). 

Click here for more info or email Dr. Moots ( or Dr. Peak (

Scotland SU23

Explore Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands in Inverness to learn about Scottish history, including politics and society for two weeks in late May/early June.

Enroll in HIST 501 Scotland's Political and Cultural History

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Italy SU24

Explore the Italian education system and how the Italian culture impacts what is valued in education in May 2024.

Open to elementary education and early childhood education students who will be a junior or senior by January 2024

Enroll in 3 credits of EDUC345 (Study Abroad Italy Research)

Click here for more information or email Dr. Fincher ( or Dr. Stuck (

$200 discount available with EF through May 2023.


What is a faculty-led program?


  • PSU faculty members lead several groups of students abroad every year
  • These programs are often related to a course or a major field of study but are open to all students
  • Most of the programs take place during the summer or Spring break
  • If you have not traveled overseas before, these programs are a great first experience.


  • Faculty-led trips are usually the most affordable; most of these programs cost less than $4000.  
  • The advertised prices usually do not include tuition for the credits. These fees must be paid separately in the summer, but are covered by the flat-rate fee in the Winter and Spring. 


  • Students are required to enroll in at least the 1-credit hour class during the study abroad program. Most programs have at least 3 credit hours of PSU credit.
  • Eligible students can receive a study abroad stipend to help offset the cost of the class credit.


  •  Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator in Whitesitt 118 and the faculty leader.
  • Find out more here!



*This list is updated as programs become available, usually in October every year.