Expand Your Horizons

Using Financial Aid

Many students choose to use financial aid to help with the costs of studying abroad. To find out if using financial aid is the right choice for you, please talk to Sheila Foster in the Office of Financial Assistance (Horace Mann 103). 

If you would like to use financial aid, your first step is to file your FAFSA for the academic year that you will be abroad. You will then need to complete a Financial Aid form (exchange, affiliate, faculty-led) with Sheila in the Office of Financial Assistance.

Additional Information

In order to use financial aid, the courses that you take abroad must advance your degree (show up on your degree audit), and you must be enrolled as a full-time degree-seeking student (12 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits for a semester/ 6 credits for a summer). Please note that if you do not pass all of your credits abroad, you may be placed on financial aid probation. It is important to note that financial aid will disburse on your first day of classes, which could be later than the first day of classes at PSU. 

To find out more, please review the Financial Aid Fact Sheet.

At the end of your time abroad, it is important to ensure that your host university mails your transcript to PSU:

Assistant Registrar Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Russ Hall 103c
Pittsburg, KS 66762 USA.

The Office of Financial Assistance needs to receive your transcript by the following dates:

August 1st for the previous spring semester
September 15th for the previous summer
March 15th for the previous fall semester

Please contact Sheila Foster in the Office of Financial Assistance (Horace Mann 103) for more information.