Clearance Checklist

An employee who leaves the University should do the following before your last day at work. See also Resignations and Retirements for more information.

  1. Your Department:
    • Return equipment, keys & other materials.
  2. University Police & Parking:
    • Pay outstanding parking tickets.
  3. Axe Library
    • Return library books, records & art work.
    • Pay outstanding fines.
  4. Student Health Services
    • Pay for outstanding services.
  5. Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology
    • Return audio-visual equipment and supplies.
    • Pay for services.

You should also return any other University property to the appropriate department before you leave campus.

Fines, penalties or other amounts owed to the University will be deducted from your last payroll warrant. Click here for more information on withholding amounts owed from payroll warrants.

Page revision date: 05/16/2019