General Information

Pursuant to K.S.A. 76-741, PSU may withhold an amount owed by an employee from the employee's paycheck or other type of warrant. The setoff process outlines the procedures to withhold amounts owed from employee pay warrants. These procedures are followed when an employee terminates employment with PSU. They are also used once each year for all employees.

Notification Procedure

All administrative units must provide Human Resource Services (HRS) with a list of employees who owe PSU $10.00 or more. The list should include the amount owed and type of debt. The following is a list of administrative units and types of debt that can be recovered through the setoff process:

Administrative Units Debt For:
Departmental Office or
Other Unit of Employment
Equipment, Supplies, Keys or
Other Materials
Axe Library Books and Fines
Instructional Media Equipment, Supplies or Payment for Services
University Police & Parking Parking Fines
Continuing Studies Equipment, Supplies, Keys or Other Materials.
Student Health Services Payment for Services or other fees

For the annual setoff process, administrative units should notify HRS by February 1st with a list of employees who owe PSU $10.00 or more. When an employee terminates employment, units should notify HRS as soon as possible.

HRS will then notify each employee who owes $10.00 or more. The letter will include information on the appeal process. It will also include the name and address of the hearing officer to whom the employee submits a request for a hearing. The Vice President for Administration and Campus Life appoints the hearing officer. If the employee does not request a hearing within the required time, they waive their right to contest the claim.


Appeal Procedure

To request a hearing, the employee must send a written request to the hearing officer named in the notification letter. The request must be sent within 15 days of receiving the notification. PSU may not take further action to withhold the amount owed until final determination by the hearing officer as to the validity of the claim.

The hearing officer will notify the employee, the administrative unit and HRS in writing of the findings of the hearing. If the hearing officer determines that payment is owed, the employee shall pay the amount to PSU within 10 days of the date of the notification letter.

Action by University Following Notification of Amount Owed

If the employee does not make payment within 10 days following a hearing, or within 15 days if no hearing is requested, PSU will take action to withhold any payroll or other warrants or to deduct the amount owed from a warrant to which the employee is entitled.

After the amount has been withheld from a warrant, PSU will notify the Director of Accounts and Reports and certify the basis of the debt and that the setoff procedures were followed.