Important: An employee must complete an FMLA Leave Request Form when you will be absent more than three (3) working days because of a personal illness or injury or the illness or injury of a family member. See also FMLA Leave


General Information

University support staff and unclassified employees in benefits eligible positions earn sick leave based on hours in pay status each pay period. Refer to the appropriate GUS HR Training Resources Job Aid for instructions on viewing leave balances.

Sick leave earned by an employee during a pay period shall be available for use on the first day of the following pay period.

Any employee may be required by his or her supervisor to provide evidence necessary to establish that the employee is entitled to use sick leave under the circumstances of the request. If the employee fails to provide this evidence, the use of requested sick leave may be denied.

Sick leave shall be granted only for the following reasons:

  1. illness or disability of the employee, including pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and recovery therefrom, and personal appointments with a physician, dentist, or other recognized health practitioner.
  2. illness or disability, including pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and recovery therefrom, of a family member, and a family member's personal appointments with a physician, dentist or other recognized health practitioner when the illness, disability or appointment reasonably requires the employee to be absent from work.
  3. legal quarantine of the employee; or
  4. the adoption of a child by an employee or initial placement of a foster child in the home of an employee, when the adoption or initial placement reasonably requires the employee to be absent from work.

"Family member" shall be limited to:

  1. persons related to the employee by blood, marriage or adoption; and
  2. minors residing in your residence as a result of court proceedings pursuant to the Kansas Code for care of children or the Kansas Juvenile offender's code.

Sick leave balances are only paid at the time of retirement. See Sick Leave Bonus (Retirement Only).

The sick leave balance for an employee who resigns then returns to a benefits eligible position within one (1) year of the date of resignation will be reinstated. An employee's sick leave balance will not be reinstated when he or she is rehired after a retirement.

Sick Leave Accruals

Hourly Non-Exempt University Support Staff Employees

Hours in Pay Status Per Pay Period Hours Earned Per Pay Period
0-7 0.0
8-15 0.4
16-23 0.8
24-31 1.2
32-39 1.6
40-47 2.0
48-55 2.4
56-63 2.8
64-71 3.2
72-79 3.6
80-** 3.7


Salaried Exempt University Support Staff Employees

Time in Pay Status Hours Earned Per Pay Period
0 0.0
>0 3.7

Reporting Sick Leave

Please refer to the appropriate GUS Cloud Job Aid 'Entering Time Worked and Leave Taken" to report this type of leave.

Page revision date: 09/06/2019