Graduate System

Instructions for the Graduate System

As a graduate student advisor, you will use the Graduate System in GUS for:

  • Admitting students (if you are responsible for admissions in your program)

  • Reviewing / accepting admittance conditions

  • Initiating / completing candidacy

  • Assisting with the Thesis Steps (if applicable)

  • Entering graduation information and approvals To find the Graduate System:

     log into GUS
    select Academic Administration
    select Graduate System (under Advisement)

    On the home page of the Graduate System, you can enter your advisee’s ID number, Social Security number or name to access their records. Once you have entered the student’s records, you will find tabs in the column on the left side of the screen for the different areas you can view. These screens are explained on the next page.

    You can also use the Lists link in the column on the left side of the Graduate System home page to access lists regarding:

  • Students whose applications are pending admission to your program (New Applicants)

  • Listing of and information about all of your advisees (Advisee List)

  • Thesis Committees you have agreed to serve on (Thesis Committee Commitments)

  • Your advisees who have petitioned to graduate for the current term (Graduation Candidates)

    Pictorial step-by-step instructions regarding accessing the Graduate System, admitting a student, and completing candidacy, graduation and the Thesis Steps can be found at the Graduate School website on the Faculty Resources page under “Graduate System Tutorial for Graduate Advisors.

    If you have any questions regarding this system, please contact Jaime Vanderbeck (, x4218) in the Graduate Office.

Screens / Tabs in the Graduate System:

Advisement screen - The initial screen you will see if the student has already been admitted. This screen shows information regarding the student’s application status

(and other general information) and whether or not the student has a graduate assistantship, has completed candidacy, or has petitioned for graduation and paid their fees.

Admittance screen – Shows the student’s application status and other general information including their start term, reg term (most current term enrolled) and

undergraduate GPA.

Conditions screen Shows all conditions the student has met by listing a date and those conditions remaining to be met by listing them as Not Satisfied.

Student’s must satisfy all admittance conditions by the time they have taken 12 hours in their graduate program.

Comments screen The advisor and Graduate office can make comments regarding the student on this screen. The student cannot view this page.

Candidacy screen Candidacy is a degree plan between the advisor and student that needs to be completed when the student has taken 12 hours in their graduate

program. The advisor must initiate the process by entering the correct information and then finalizing the candidacy plan. The student, chair and Graduate office (in that order) are also required to approve the candidacy after the advisor has finalized it.

The online Thesis Steps can also be accessed from this screen.

Graduation Screen – This screen will not appear until the student’s candidacy has been finalized by all and it is currently the term listed as the tentative graduation term

on the candidacy. (Please note that Summer graduates will have this screen during the Spring semester so they can petition and be included in the commencement program.) During their last semester, the student petitions to graduate on this screen. The advisor enters additional degree requirement or option results and then approves the student to graduate.

Demographics screen – Shows the student’s personal and contact information.

Transcript Lists courses completed at PSU and degrees awarded from both PSU & other institutions.

Degrees Awarded Lists degrees awarded from official transcripts. Class Schedules Shows past and current student schedules.

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