Honorary Family

Is your family the #1 Gorilla Family?

If you feel your family bleeds crimson…and gold, then nominate them for the annual PSU Honorary Family Award! Sponsored by the PSU Foundation and Advancement Ambassadors, this annual award will be presented during Family Day activities. The recipients are selected by a committee based on a student-submitted nomination and essay about the student’s family involvement, school spirit and Gorilla legacy! Your family will be recognized at a pre-game reception as well as during halftime of the Family Day football game.

Sponsored by Advancement Ambassadors & the PSU Foundation, Inc.

Honorary Family 2019
The Pitts Family

When senior Katy Pitts nominated her family for a coveted award given each year as part of Pittsburg State University Family Day, she did so with her parents and sisters in mind.

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Past Honorary Families

Honorary Family 2018 - The Dellasega Family
 Family 2017 - The Sullivan and Minton Family