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Officers & Executive Council

President: Dr. Jason Kegler, Assistant Vice President of Student Life
Contact:, ext. 4945


President-Elect: Mary Jo Meier, Director of Development for the College of Arts & Sciences
Contact:, ext. 6127


Past President: Brad Stefanoni, Assistant Director of Purchasing
Contact:, ext. 4169


Treasurer: Tammy Higgins, Director of Student Financial Assistance 
Contact:,  ext. 4238


Secretary: Nathan Brungardt, Aquatics Coordinator; Department of Campus Recreation
Contact:, ext. 4914

2020 - 2021 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are currently being held via TEAMS. Contact Nathan Brungardt at to receive a invite. 

September 2nd  Agenda  Minutes
October 7th  Agenda  Minutes
November 4th  Agenda  Minutes
December 2nd  Agenda  Minutes
January 20th  Agenda  Minutes
February 3rd  Agenda  Minutes
March 3rd  Agenda  Minutes
April 7th  Agenda  Minutes
May 5th  Agenda  Minutes

Professional Development Scholarships

VOYA Employee Recognition

Unclassified Professional Senate Bylaws

Faculty & Staff Incentives

Division Representatives

Academic Affairs: Tammy Higgins

Administration & Finance: 

President's Office: Tracy Holzem

University Advancement: 

Student Life: Jason Kegler


2020 - 2021 Executive Committee Meeting Schedule

July 29th Agenda Minutes
August 26th Agenda Minutes
September 30th Agenda Minutes
October 28th Agenda Minutes
November 18th Agenda Minutes
January 13th Agenda Minutes
January 27th Agenda Minutes
February 24th Agenda Minutes
March 31st Agenda Minutes
April 28th Agenda Minutes
Meetings are 2:00-3:00 p.m. via TEAMS

2020 - 2021 Unclassified Professional Senate

First Name Last Name Cohort Term
Brenda Hawkins Academic Affairs/1 2021
Tammy Higgins Academic Affairs/1 2021
B.B. Stotts Academic Affairs/1 2021
Amanda Hill Academic Affairs/2 2022
Greg  Murray Academic Affairs/2 2021
Gregory Belcher Academic Affairs/2 2022
James Oliver Academic Affairs/2 2021
Jamie Clayton Admin & Finance 2022
Brad Stefanoni Admin & Finance 2021
Nathan Brungardt Student Life 2022
Jason Kegler Student Life 2022
Anna Stark Student Life 2022
Tracy Holzem President's Div./1 2021
Lucretia Haraughty President's Div./1 2022
Andra Stefanoni President's Div./1 2021
Amanda Williams President's Div./1 2021
Lance Moser President's Div./2 2022
Natalie Cullen President's Div./2 2022
Nathan Davis President's Div./2 2021
Mary Jo Meier Univ. Adv. 2023
Katie George Univ. Adv. 2021
Tucker  Hoffman At Large 2021
Kevin Obungu At Large 2021
Bill  Hoyt At Large  2021