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The Building Principal Graduate Certificate program is an 18-hour non-degree, endorsement program in partial requirement for a Kansas Building Leadership Principal License.

The Building Principal Certificate has only been approved by KSDE to meet coursework requirements for principal licensure in Kansas. We only seek approval from KSDE since we are a Kansas institution; therefore, we have not nor will we be seeking approval from DESE for Missouri principal license, or any other state. It is your responsibility to know the building principal licensure requirements for the state for which you intend to seek principal licensure. 

Admission Requirements:

  • Candidate must have a bachelor's degree and an education related master's degree
  • Master's degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA or admitted with condition
  • Hold a valid teaching license

Procedural Steps for Certificate:

  1. Apply through the Office of Graduate Studies for the Building Principal Graduate Certificate
  2. Submit an official transcript
  3. Student must petition for completion of the certificate program during the last semester

Financial Aid Eligibility:

Certificate MUST be completed within one year and six hours per semester. Candidates can begin program in any semester.



  • Total per credit hour


  • Credit hours
  • Total tuition = $6,732*
    *Cost per credit hour and total tuition is based on 2022-2023 academic year tuition rates and assuming all coursework is completed online in the 2022-2023 academic year. Cost per credit hour and total tuition will vary if studies span over one or more academic year.

Additional information

  • Required Courses

Candidates can begin program in any semester.

Fall Semester

LDSP 801 Educational Leadership Policy and Practice (3 credit hours)*~

LDSP 863 Supervision of Instruction (3 credit hours)*~

Spring Semester

LDSP 855 Administration and Supervision of Special Education (3 credit hours)

LDSP 859 Change Processes and Professional Development (3 credit hours)*~

Summer Semester

LDSP 809 Legal Foundations of Public Education (3 credit hours)*

LDSP 847 The Principalship (3 credit hours)

*Course can be applied to the Specialist in Education Degree Major in Advanced Leadership Studies Emphasis in General School Administration (District Licensure) 

~Courses can be applied to the Specialist in Education Degree Major in Advanced Leadership Studies Emphasis in Special Education 

NOTE: If your state requires that a “practicum” course must be on your transcript, you have the option to enroll in an additional three credit hour class, LDSP 893 Practicum in Educational Leadership, to fulfill your state’s licensure requirement. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED IN KANSAS.

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