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Pittsburg State University’s Family and Consumer Sciences major provides students the opportunity to select from four emphasis areas: Community and Family Services, Early Childhood Development, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, and Nutrition and Wellness.

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Family and Consumer Sciences at Pittsburg State University addresses the critical issues of today and tomorrow in child development, consumer education, family relationships, housing and interiors, merchandising, and nutrition and healthy living. Furthermore, the program's educational options and experiences guide students to develop the professional and life skills they need in order to function effectively in their daily living and working environments.

All Family and Consumer Sciences programs have a common theme: each, in some way, addresses the social, physical, and economic well-being of individuals and families as they function in their communities at home and around the world. The programs focus on the fundamental building blocks of human existence—food, shelter, clothing, human relationships, commerce, and family life.

Students in this program earn a significant number of scholarships.

About Family and Consumer Sciences Department

The Department of Family & Consumer Sciences offers baccalaureate degrees and a cooperative master’s degree program. B.S. programs are offered in Community and Family Services and two tracks in Child Development. A B.S.E. program is offered in Family & Consumer Sciences Education. The department is also a partner in the Early Childhood Unified program housed in the College of Education. The department offers minors in Child Development, Human Ecology, and Youth and Adolescent Development. The department also contributes to minors in Women’s Studies and Public Health.

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