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Earn your Bachelor of Arts Degree in Modern Languages at Pittsburg State University. 

Do you want to become a fluent Spanish or French speaker? Through the Modern Languages program at PSU, dive into a new culture. Learn about the historical, literary, and social artifacts that influence language. 

Our curriculum is designed to improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Effectively communicate with native speakers.

Upper-level students (4th semester and above) complete intense weekly conversational sessions with a native speaker.

These sessions quickly improve your language skills and gain a better appreciation for the culture.

4 Emphasis tracks to choose from!

Focus your degree on a topic of interest. Student who earn their degree in Modern Languages select 1 of 4 emphases.

Get certified.

The teacher certification emphasis prepares students to teach at the middle or secondary level. Graduates are eligible for licensure in Kansas.

Graduates from the Modern Languages program find jobs as:

  • Academic researchers
  • Interpreters
  • Political risk analysts
  • Teachers
  • Translators


Additional information

  • Native Speakers
  • Research Opportunities
  • Retro-Credits Program
  • Study Abroad

Native speakers are encouraged to take courses in French or Spanish. Native speakers of any language taught in the department are not allowed to enroll in lower-division courses in that language.

Students who graduated from high school in a French- or Spanish-speaking country may fulfill coursework for a major in modern languages by completing 15 hours of upper-division courses in the native language, French or Spanish. 

Consult with the chairperson of the department or the Modern Languages program coordinator.

Students have the opportunity to work with their professors to develop research projects and deliver presentations at national conferences.

The Modern Languages Retro-credits Program rewards students for their significant prior language experience, such as high school coursework or language spoken at home. Students who desire credit for language proficiency they acquired before coming to PSU should consult with Modern Languages faculty.

Retro-Credits Information Sheet (PDF)

Fast-forward your language skills with study abroad. You’ll immerse yourself in the local culture and express yourself in Spanish or French. 

Whether you are interested in a faculty-led trip or an exchange program to another University, the Modern Languages program provides the flexibility for travel. 

About English and Modern Languages Department

The Department of English and Modern Languages offers baccalaureate degrees and a master’s degree program. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs are offered in English and in Modern Languages. A master’s program is also offered in English. The department offers minors in English, English Teaching, Creative Writing, French, Professional Writing, and Spanish.

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