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We live in a world that is more interconnected than at any time in history. A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Modern Languages will enhance any career path and allow you to become a more productive citizen of the world. Pittsburg State’s French program provides you with two degree options:

The Language and Culture emphasis delves into the Francophone culture, providing students with a deeper understanding of French society. It’s the program of choice for students who wish to achieve fluency in the language and is often paired with business or communication majors and/or minors.

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A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Modern Languages with an Emphasis in Language and Culture will provide you with a broader understanding of Francophone culture through its primary manifestation: language. The Language and Culture emphasis is designed with language fluency in mind. Our faculty have designed a robust regimen of coursework to improve students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. But our program doesn't stop here. Students will also gain exposure to historical, literary, and social artifacts of French-speaking cultures.

Pittsburg State provides intermediate upper-level students (4th semester and above) with intense weekly conversational sessions with a French native speaker. Students in these sessions quickly improve their language skills and gain a better appreciation for the Francophone culture.


Earning a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages with a Language and Culture emphasis prepares students for graduate work or careers with an international focus.

Many students choose French as a second major to complement a career in business, law, or social and health services. The simple fact is a Modern Languages degree complements any major degree program.

Other possible careers include:

  • Bilingual Educator
  • Diplomat
  • Journalist
  • Interpreter
  • Translator
  • Many More

At Pittsburg State, we believe you learn best through hands-on experiences. Students have the opportunity to work with their professors to develop research projects and deliver presentations at national conferences. We encourage students to incorporate the language into their daily routines. The French Club is a popular social club focused on the Francophone culture. Members are able to converse with fluent speakers, community members, and fellow students.

All French majors are also encouraged to study abroad. Pittsburg State offers short-term, faculty-led trips as well as summer, semester, and year-long exchange programs. Our university has developed exchange programs with well-respected sister institutions throughout the world. Through this program, students are able to attend global universities at the same tuition rate they enjoy at Pittsburg State University.

French education majors are strongly encouraged to apply to the American Teaching Assistant in France program. This program allows accepted students to be employed by the French government as teaching assistants for one academic year. 

The Modern Languages Retro-credits Program rewards students for their significant prior language experience, such as high school coursework or language spoken at home. Students who desire credit for language proficiency they acquired before coming to PSU should consult with Modern Languages faculty. 

Retro-Credits Information Sheet (PDF)

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The Department of English and Modern Languages offers baccalaureate degrees and a master’s degree program. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs are offered in English and in Modern Languages. A master’s program is also offered in English. The department offers minors in English, English Teaching, Creative Writing, French, Professional Writing, and Spanish.

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