These are forms which can be printed, completely filled out, and mailed to the Registrar's Office, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas 66762.

Academic Fresh Start Petition

Administrative Withdrawal Petition

Application for Undergraduate Admission

Application for Admission to Graduate Studies

Application for Enrollment Under the Pass-Fail System

Application to Audit Courses

Credit by Exam (This form can be found in Web Grade Submission)

Enrollment Verification Form (pdf) (This is NOT verifying your enrollment for financial aid dispersement)

Grade Appeal Form

Identification Change Form (Name Change)

Indigenous Peoples Residency Benefit

Kansas Residency (This form must be notarized. This service is available on campus at no charge.)

Kansas Residency - Military

Kansas Residency for Recruited or Transferred Employees

Gorilla Advantage Residency Application (For students living in Gorilla Advantage Counties. This form must be notarized.  This service is available on campus at no charge.)

Overload Petition for Final Exams

Petition for Reinstatement

Reference/Recommendation Request

Right of Privacy Request

Right of Privacy Hold Removal

Substitution Form

Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Tuition Refund Petition

Withdrawal Form