Crisis Response Coordinating Team

The Crisis Response Coordinating Team for the university is the President's Council and the Director of University Police.

The team is directly responsible to the President.  Members with contact numbers include:

Daniel J. Shipp, President
Office: 620-235-4100

Howard Smith, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office: 620-235-4113

Steve Erwin, Vice President for Student Life
Office: 620-235-4231

Doug Ball, CFO/Vice President for Administration
Office: 620-235-4107

Kathleen Flannery, Vice President for University Advancement
Office: 620-235-4762

Angela Neria, Chief Information Officer
Office: 620-235-4614

Shawn Naccarato, Chief Strategy Officer
Office: 620-235-4128

James Johnson, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Office: 620-235-4510

Abigail Fern, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Office: 620-235-6177

Jamie Brooksher, General Counsel
Office: 620-235-4136

Katie George, Chief of Staff
Office: 620-235-4101

Stu Hite, Director of University Police & Parking Services
Office: 620-235-4624

Dependent upon the nature of the event, the team may expand to include appropriate
individuals and offices, i.e., University Marketing & Communication, University Police,
Physical Plant, Student Health Center, Human Resources, Institutional Equity and others.