Commencement Marshal Guidelines

Severe weather is not unusual in Kansas.  Large gatherings on campus pose potential concerns when severe weather threatens.  In preparation for working Pittsburg State University's commencement ceremonies, please read the university policy on Severe Weather Emergency accessible on the Pittsburg State University Home Page under Faculty & Staff, Administration, President's Office, Policies.  In addition, please review the Fire, Building and/or Campus Evacuation Plan, Injury or Illness and other applicable safety policies.  Please know the location of all exits. 

Should a tornado warning be issued for the university area, commencement will cease and people will be free to leave to seek shelter elsewhere or will be directed to the inner hallways away from doors and glass, into the locker rooms, or into the dance studio.  The pool area, gymnasium and upper floors would not be the most safe areas in Weede. 

All efforts will be made by the University Police to keep commencement administration informed of threatening weather conditions.

In cases of emergency, it is important to take charge, stay calm and keep yourself and others safe.

(August 2004)