A bomb is any device capable of producing damage to material, and injury or death to personnel when
detonated. A bomb may be "incendiary," causing fire-producing heat and little explosion, or "explosive,"
causing damage by fragmentation, heat, and blast wave.

Suspicious Object or Package

A.   If you observe a suspicious object or potential bomb on campus, DO NOT TOUCH.
B.   Clear the area while remaining calm.
C.   Call 911 or notify University Police at 235-4624.

The Threat

A.   A bomb threat may be received via written message, e-mail, a suspicious package delivered by mail or
messenger, or by telephone, the latter being the most frequently used method.
B.   The person making a warning or threatening call could reveal enough information about him/herself so
that the recipient could later identify them.

  1. Phoned Threat
        a. Start a recording device if one is available or note the caller I.D. number if available.
        b. Signal another staff member to call 911 or University Police at 235-4624 and then monitor the  conversation if possible.
        c. Transcribe the threat.
        d. Fill out as much of the Bomb Threat Data Sheet as possible, including detailed questions.
        e. When the caller hangs up, DO NOT HANG UP THE PHONE. Leave the line open.
        f. Complete any unanswered questions on the Bomb Threat Data Sheet.
        g. Be available after the call for the University Police and the Crisis Response Team to interview you.

    2. Written Threat
            a. Handle the item as little as possible.
            b. Notify University Police at 911 or 235-4624.
            c. Note where the item was found, the date and time you found the item, any situations or conditions surrounding the discovery, and any other person you are aware of who saw the threat.
            d. Secure the original item. If small, place it in a bag or envelope.
DO NOT fold, crumple, tear, or mark the item in any way. (If it is a large object, secure the area)

    3. E-mailed Threat
            a. Notify University Police at 911 or 235-4624.
            b. Print, photograph, or copy down the message. Include the header of the e-mail.
            c. Save the e-mail, if you know how to do so.
            d. Leave the e-mail open until assistance arrives.

    4. Verbal Threat
            a. Project calmness, move and speak slowly, quietly and confidently.
            b. When the person who made the threat leaves, note which direction they are going, and notify University Police at 911 or 235-4624.
            c. Note the description of the person who made the threat:
               1. Name, if you know them or if they gave you one
               2. Sex
               3. Type and color of clothing
               4. Body size and height
               5. Hair color
               6. Distinguishing features
               7. Other
           d. Write down the threat exactly as it was communicated to you:
               1. Exact wording
               2. Who made the threat
               3. The date and time of the threat
               4. Where the person who made the threat is now, if known

        If you overhear a rumor about a bomb or explosive device, threat or incident, write down exactly what  you heard, from whom you heard it, and then report the rumor to University Police at 911 or 235-4624.

     In the event of an explosion in the building, you should:
A.  Take cover under tables, desks, or other such objects that will give protection against flying glass and
B.  Call 911 when you feel it is safe to do so.
C.  After the effects of the explosion have subsided, emergency personnel will aid evacuation.

     The building upon receipt of threat may need to be evacuated in a calm and orderly manner according to the Building and/or Campus Evacuation Plan. Emergency personnel and designated university officials
will facilitate evacuation.

Conclusion of Proceedings
     The University Police will notify the President or his designee when the search or bomb alert is concluded, and when it is safe to reenter the building.

News Media
     All news media inquiries are to be directed to the Office of Public Relations, 106 Russ Hall.


Bomb Threat Data Sheet(Download PDF)

Page revision date: 04/20/2018