Authority to Declare a University Crisis

Only the President or the established designee has authority to declare a
University crisis in response to a critical incident.

The administrative chain of command in the President's absence is:

Howard Smith, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office: 620-235-4113

Steve Erwin, Vice President for Student Life
Office: 620-235-4231

Doug Ball, CFO/Vice President for Administration
Office: 620-235-4107

Kathleen Flannery, Vice President for University Advancement
Office: 620-235-4762

Paul Grimes, Dean, College of Business
Office: 620-235-4598

 Mary Carol Pomatto, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Office: 620-235-4684

Jim Truelove, Dean, College of Education
Office: 620-235-4517

Robert Frisbee, Interim Dean, College of Technology
Office: 620-235-4365