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Janet Zepernick

Director of The Writing Center

I have a Ph.D. in English, and I’ve been associated with writing centers in various ways since my first WC job as a peer tutor in 1988. I’m interested in practically everything, so I love being in the Writing Center because that lets me work with people from all over the university. I think my biggest strength as a writer (and writing consultant) is getting to the point and staying on point. In aspects of writing where I’m not naturally gifted (for example, in getting to the point!), I’ve worked hard to develop those skills, so I’m also a good example of someone who has become a proficient writer over time with a lot of effort and feedback from others rather than being a “born” writer.

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Lora Winters

Assistant Director of The Writing Center

I’ve been one of the assistant directors of the Writing Center since 2014.  I have a BSED in English Education and an MA in English with an emphasis in Literature.  I love learning, and so I’m interested in basically everything.  My current interests are sewing, teaching English as a foreign language, fiction writing, and reading about how the brain works.  One thing that I think helps me as a writer, and also as a writing center consultant, is that I am very detail-oriented.