Hi! I’m Briley and I’m a senior studying English and Creative Writing. I’ve been working at the Writing Center since the Spring 2023 semester. My favorite things to do are writing, playing with my puppy, and going on road trips whenever I get the chance. As a writer, my strengths are literary analysis and creative writing. I am particularly knowledgeable about APA formatting. I am also detail-oriented and a good organizer. I look forward to working with you!

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Hi, I am Ram. I have been a consultant in the Writing Center since February 2023. I am pursuing my Master of Science in Technology with an emphasis in STEM College teaching. I am always eager to learn new technology and knowledge. My hobbies are running, swimming, coding, long drives, and reading. I love to help others.

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Hi! I’m Sujin and I’ve been working at the Writing Center of PSU since June 2023. I’m an exchange student from South Korea. I major in English to learn about language and literature. As an English major student, I always write and read various media. My hobbies are cooking, workout, traveling, and watching movies. Let's increase writing ability and achieve academic goals!

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I’m Keith and I’m a Junior studying Political Science and Philosophy. In my free time I enjoy reading at sporadic intervals, trying to play chess, as well as playing and watching a variety of sports. I have been at the Writing Center since the Summer of 2023.