University Planning, Design, and Construction




The mission of the Office of Planning, Design, and Construction is to provide administrative leadership and physical planning support for the creation, upgrading and maintaining of campus physical facilities by:

  • Providing short range and long range comprehensive physical facilities master planning.
  • Providing assistance in identifying and documenting long range, short range, and immediate capital improvement projects.
  • Documenting and annually providing University approved budgetary information to the Board of Regents, State Budget Division and appropriate legislative committee for capital improvements and major rehabilitation and repair project funding.
  • Implementing funded capital improvements and rehabilitation and repair projects and coordinating planning and construction of these funded projects.
  • Providing physical planning support and limited architectural services as may be requested for all organizational units.
  • Maintaining and upgrading inventory of Physical Facilities and Space Utilization.
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Vision Statement

The Office of Planning, Design, and Construction seeks to provide quality architectural and engineering services to assist the University in meeting the core value of providing an attractive and modern campus environment. The Office of Planning, Design, and Construction is responsible for and seeks to provide quality liaison between the University and "on-call" architectural and/or engineering firms as well as contracted architectural and/or engineering firms for larger projects. The Office of Planning, Design, and Construction seeks to support the University's physical facilities needs by providing long range and short range master planning, "in-house" architectural services, planning studies, feasibility studies, space utilization reports and other related services. The Office of Planning, Design, and Construction seeks to provide these services in a professional, timely and courteous way consistent with the University's core values.