Statistics Poster Competition for Grades 10-12

Sponsored by:
Pittsburg State University Department of Mathematics
and MOKAN Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Contact Person:
Dr. Ananda Jayawardhana, 620-235-4414, or contact by e-mail
PSU Mathematics Department phone: 620-235-4400

Registration (PDF)

2019 Poster Contest Winners (PDF)

Statistic Poster Contest 2014
A statistics poster tells the story of a data set. Numbers and graphs are used to give voice to the truth behind the data. Whether the summary is a bar chart, histogram, or table of numerical summaries the focus should always be on the meaning behind the data. In a well done statistics poster, the reader is able to discover the story behind the data by following the logical progression of the poster. The emphasis is on the visual display of results through well-placed graphs.
All students in grades 10 through 12 residing in Kansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma, are eligible to participate.
  • There is no entry fee!
  • Registration form securely affixed to the back of the poster.
  • Note: Multiple entries may be mailed together but must have separate registration forms. Please send entries flat between taped sheets of cardboard. Do not send posters rolled in a tube.
  • Posters must be postmarked by March 12, 2020. They should be delivered to:
        Department of Mathematics
        Pittsburg State University
        1701 S. Broadway
        Pittsburg, KS 66762
  • Prize winners will be notified by April 1, 2020.
  • Posters are to measure between 18 to 24 inches by 24 to 30 inches.
  • Any weight of paper is permitted. Standard poster board is recommended.
  • Be sure that anything attached to the front of the poster is affixed securely. Do not attach perishable items.
  • Posters must be the original design and creation of the students.
  • At least two graphs are required. The two graphs should impart different information (e.g., a bar graph and a pie chart of the same variable does not meet this criteria). Computer generated graphs are acceptable.
  • Subject matter is the choice of the participant. Data may be original or published. For published data, a reference must be given.
  • A brief description including the method of collection and purpose must be securely attached to the back of the poster.
  • Posters and the brief description must not contain any marks, names, or information that reveal the identity of the individual, team, school, or location.
  • Students may work individually or in teams. The team may have up to four students

By submitting a poster, students give permission for their work to be displayed at various conferences, special events, in publications and promotional material, and in electronic format on the Internet. Posters become the property of the competition organizers and are not returned. The top entries will be submitted to the American Statistical Association Poster Competition.

Entries will be judged on the basis of: 
  • Overall Impact of the Display (Poster Design) 
    Poster design aspects, colors/patterns, grammar, spelling, dimensionality, readability, neatness
  • Technical Aspects (Statistical Correctness)  
    Age-appropriate use of statistical methods, calculations, and interpretation
  • Clarity of the Message (Statistical Process) 
    How well is the four-step investigative process implemented?
    How well is a story told? 
    Stands alone, even without the explanatory paragraph on the back
  • Appropriateness of the Graphs for the Data
    Statistical appropriateness of graphics
  • Creativity (Topic is of Interest) 
    Data collection methods, sample size issues, who cares factor

Prizes in the amounts of $50, $30, and $20 will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Winning entrants' schools will receive plaques signifying the honor. Honorable mention certificates will be awarded too.  Winning posters will be displayed at area shopping malls.

This contest is modeled after Michigan’s Poster Contest. Students may wish to view their site, as well as other statistics poster web sites, for point of reference.

Michigan Statistics Poster Competition:

The entry form, affixed to the back of the poster, must accompany each entry. There should not be any identifying information on the poster itself.

Posters must be postmarked by March 12, 2020. They should be delivered to:
Department of Mathematics, Pittsburg State University, 1701 S. Broadway, Pittsburg, KS 66762