Residence Hall Technology

Wireless is available across campus and will require authentication. Also all residence hall rooms have an Ethernet port which provides for open hardwire connections to GusNet. GusNet hardwired connections provide quick and reliable access to campus systems like: GUS, GusMail, Canvas, library resources (including card catalogs and search engines) and a host of other educational services. Although ITS does not support gaming we do understand the need to offer technical suggestions in resolving issues. For best connectivity performance please use your hardwired connection. 

As a PSU student living on campus, what do I need to know about GusNet?

  • Abide by the PSU Acceptable Use Policy
  • Take Advantage of Wired Network Ports in Your Residence Hall Room
  • Know How to Log into GusNET Wireless
  • Wireless Printers and Wireless Routers are NOT permitted

The Acceptable Use Policy outlines the expectations for the use of information technology resources at Pittsburg State University. This policy applies to faculty, staff, students, official university affiliates, and any other individuals who use University information technology resources.

Appropriate use should always be legal and ethical, reflect academic honesty and community standards, and show restraint in the consumption of shared resources. It should demonstrate respect for intellectual property; ownership of data; system security mechanisms; and individual’s rights to privacy, freedom of speech, and freedom from intimidation, and harassment.  

The University Acceptable Use Policy can be found Here.

All other Information Technology policies and guidelines governing use of technology, support and other services are available Here.  

In the age of ubiquitous wireless, you may not be aware that PSU does offer each residence hall room wired network connections.  These are high speed, reliable connections that connect to PSU's network infrastructure, providing access to the Internet just like PSU's wireless network.  In order to connect to the wired network, you'll need a Category 5e or 6 network cable (Ethernet) and a wired network adapter in your computer or device.  Many computers have a network adapter built in, but some newer devices only have wireless and might require the purchase of additional hardware like a USB Ethernet adaptor.  A wired network connection is often the most dependable connection in terms of guaranteed performance and reliability. Cables can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

Here is how you login to GusNET secure wireless

Connect to “GusNET”

Then open a browser

username=7 digit PSU ID number

password=PSU Unified Password 

Have guests on campus? No problem, here is how they connect:

All guests will receive a login page to access GusNET Guest secure wireless services when they attempt to access the Internet while on campus (much like you see at a hotel).  Access for guest logins will last for 72 hours. 

All resident rooms and lobby areas have GusNet wireless internet access. Accessing GusNet is simple and quick, see all details on GusNet at the GusNet home page.  Please note that signal strength can vary depending on the student’s device,  distance from the wireless access point, and interfering wireless signals.

Wireless printers and wireless routers are NOT permitted in the residence halls.  These devices send out a signal that interferes with GusNet and blocks resident's from accessing GusNet.  If rogue devices are found in the dorms through regular patrols the resident will be asked to remove the interfering device immediately.

Students are highly encouraged to use Ethernet ports in their rooms to get the best Internet service possible.  If your device has an Ethernet port, this will give you the most reliable access to the Internet.  Ethernet cables can be purchased at the Barnes and Noble Campus Bookstore located on the main floor of the Overman Student Center.   

Students should contact the Gorilla Geeks with questions about wireless access and setup instructions. Gorilla Geeks contact info: 620.235.4600,, 109 Whitesitt Hall. 

Get discounted software

Pitt State has partnered with Microsoft to provide Office365 free of charge.  As long as you are an active student on campus, your Office365 account will remain active. Click here to activate your account and login with the following credentials:  

   User name:  GUSmail address (example:

   Password:  PSU Unified Password

To view available additional software, check pricing, and make purchases log into GUS and click on Information Services Menu in the left navigation pane, and click on "Software Products". Note: Students must be enrolled in at least one credit hour to be eligible for this offer.

  • Do Not Engage in Illegal Peer to Peer File Sharing
  • Understand Residence Hall Phone Connections and How to Request Additions If Needed

Illegal (P2P) file sharing is the practice of distributing or giving access to copyrighted electronic information, such as computer programs, music, movies, and electronic books, through peer to peer (computer to computer) networking.

PSU is required by Federal Law to make an annual disclosure informing network users of the dangers of illegal sharing, distribution, and/or downloading of copyrighted materials.

See the below link to learn details about Illegal P2P File Sharing and electronic alternatives for music, movies, etc. through tools like: iTunes, Pandora, Net Flix, Hulu, and more. Click Here

Every room has one active phone connection for land line phone purposes. If for some reason you need an additional land line phone connection please contact the Geeks at 620.235.4600.