FAQ’s for PSU Secure Wireless Transition

  • What credentials will be used to connect my device(s) to GusNET?
  • Do I have to login to GusNET every day?
  • How will campus guests access the PSU wireless?
  • If my department is hosting a campus event (camp, workshop, conference, etc), can I receive guest logins for attendees for ease of access for our attendees?
  • What benefits does this offer to campus users?
  • How do those of us that use gaming devices in the residence halls access GusNET?
The credentials (user ID and password) that students will use are their Gus ID and password.  Faculty and staff will need to use their Active Directory (AD) ID and password.   If you need help with your credentials, please contact your technician or the Gorilla Geeks at X4600 or geeks@pittstate.edu
No, GusNET will remember your device.  You will only need to login using your ID and password the first time that you access the GusNET and at least one time per year there after.  If a breach/threat/etc were to arise, the campus community may be asked to login at that time in order to re-authenticate their devices to GusNET
All guests will receive a login page to access GusNET Guest secure wireless services when they attempt to access the Internet while on campus (much like you see at a hotel).  Guests will be asked a few questions and then receive a text or email on their cell phone giving them a secure code to access GusNET.  Access for guest logins will last for 72 hours. 
Yes.  Simply contact the Gorilla Geeks for a GusNET Sponsored Login.  Gorilla Geeks can be reached at X4600 or geeks@pittstate.edu. 
The chief benefit is a much higher level of security for your personal and professional data while using university wireless services.  In addition, faculty and staff will have direct access to print and access the P Drive wirelessly, without any extra steps such as logging into VPN and/or using a mobile applications such as AnyConnect. 
Using a wired connection is always best when connecting your gaming console, because wired connections aren’t competing for bandwidth. All University residence halls have at least one wired port per person. However, you can connect via GusNET as well through the same process that you use to connect your laptop/mobile device/etc.