There are different steps you must take depending on whether your card has been misplaced, permanently lost or stolen.

Misplaced Card
You need to determine if you have misplaced your card, by leaving it at home over the weekend, think you know where it might be, etc. If your card has been misplaced, you need to come to the Gorilla Geeks Office in room 109 Whitesitt Hall or visit the Gorilla Card Online website to report your Gorilla Card as being lost. Reporting your Gorilla Card as lost will block any PSU transactions from occurring, including any Banana Bucks transactions at all locations on campus as well as the ability to access Gibson Dining Hall and obtain tickets to University events.

When your card is found, you must bring it to the Gorilla Card Office or visit the Gorilla Card Online website to report your card as being found. If your card is not found, you will have to purchase a replacement card for $20.00.

Permanently Lost or Stolen Card
If your card has been permanently lost (you have no idea what happened to it) or stolen, you need to report it as soon as possible to the Gorilla Card Office, the Gorilla Card Online website, or the University Police. Your Gorilla Card will be deactivated, preventing any unauthorized use. 

At your earliest convenience, you need to come to the Gorilla Card Office and purchase a replacement card for $20.00. If the card has been stolen and you have reported it to the police,  bring in a copy of the police report and it will be replaced for free.  You will not have access to your Banana Bucks account, meal plan, or University event tickets and other services until you replace your ID card.

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