• With the exceptions below, students must be enrolled in classes for the current or upcoming semester to receive a new (or replace their old) Gorilla Card.
  • Participants in Pitt C.A.R.E.S. and other PSU orientation sessions usually receive their first Gorilla Card during these sessions.
  • Students admitted to PSU through the International Programs and Services Office may receive their Gorilla Card before actual enrollment in classes when approved by the Director of International Affairs. Please contact that office for approval and other information before visiting the Gorilla Card Office to get your first Gorilla Card.
  • Students who find it difficult to visit the Gorilla Card Office during normal business hours are encouraged to call to arrange a mutually suitable time to get your Gorilla Card.


  • New employees must have completed all required employment documents with Human Resources Services and have a PSU ID Number assigned before a Gorilla Card can be issued.
  • Employees working for employers affiliated with PSU (including, but not limited to, food service, bookstore, and ROTC) may request a Gorilla Card.
  • Retired employees of PSU receive a new Gorilla Card after retirement through the President’s Office. If a photo is not available, a card will be created without a photo. This card can be exchanged for a Gorilla Card with a photo by visiting the Gorilla Card Office.
  • Employees taking PSU classes will be issued only one Gorilla Card with their status indicated as Faculty or Staff.

Photo Identification Requirements

    • Proper photo identification is required before a Gorilla Card will be issued with a photo. No exceptions. Acceptable forms of photo identification include:
      • Driver's License with photo, issued by state or territory of the US
      • Identification Card with photo, issued by state or Territory of the US
      • Current US Passport with photo
      • Current Military ID with photo
      • Military Dependent ID with photo
      • Current Passport, from country other that US, with photo and valid I-94 or I-551 card or stamp
      • Matricula Consular issued by a consulate's office from Mexico


  • Your official name, as it appears in the university records system, will print on your card. The name on the photo ID you present for verification must match.



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