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The best way to find out more about studying abroad is to talk with students who have already experienced it. We've collected student stories from all around the world!
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"It is so hard for me to pick my favorite part of the trip. I think I had a moment in every city where I was awestruck. In Rome, the Pantheon and Roman Forum impressed me with their age and history. In Florence, I was held captive by the Primavera and Duomo. In Paris, we saw the Eiffel Tower light up on a Seine River cruise. In Vatican City, I marveled at the beauty and height of the arched ceiling and Michelangelo's work in the Sistine Chapel. Despite all the life changing moments I described, if I had to pick one thing that stuck with me it has to be the friendships I gained and grew from this experience. I was truly blessed to live life with everyone on this trip for nine days.
I definitely recommend studying abroad to other students. The experience was life changing for me. I feel like I have a greater appreciation for my own community after seeing such amazing places in Europe. I feel strengthened in my faith and my bonds with my friends."-Paul Worsley March 2022
"I chose to be apart of the study abroad trip to Germany/Austria/Prague this summer because I wanted to experience with my own eyes and emotions the places from the past. I just earned my bachelor's degree in history and have always wanted to visit the places from the Holocaust to find some kind of grasp on the enormity of it. Just reading about it does not give you that, seeing and feeling those places are truly a one of a kind experience. Our group was the most incredible pack of people I have ever met. We all still talk and find time to hang out after this experience." -Tami Burt, May 2022
"I chose to go abroad because I've always wanted to travel and since I am an ESOL minor, I felt it would be beneficial to see other countries before I fully decide which one I want to teach English in. I an still fully set on the one I chose, but I still had some learning moments. I went on the France and Italy trip and I signed up for another because of how much fun we had. My favorite moment was going to the Colosseum in Rome, since I have always been a history buff and it had been the main thing I had been interested in. It was awesome to see pieces of history in person, and to get the opportunity to learn more about it. The professors we went with were extremely helpful and they did their best to keep everyone safe as well as let us have some free time to do what we wanted. It was overall a wonderful experience and I am excited for my next one." -Kara Stewart, March 2022
"I chose to go abroad because I am nearing the end of my program and wanted to do something that connected me with other students and provided an opportunity I will not receive after graduating. My favorite part was people watching. I liked watching the different behaviors and lifestyles. As a psychology major it helped me nurture the cultural sensitivity that a practitioner needs. The cafes in Rome and Florence fulfilled my childhood fantasies of reading in a beautiful foreign location. It was truly so lively in these locations and the crepes in Paris were amazing. Can you tell that the food was a favorite of mine as well? The architecture was beautiful, and each corner provided an opportunity to learn. I strongly recommend taking a trip abroad not only because of the experience, but because this seemed like the best time of my life to experience life abroad. The cheaper cost and pre-planning were a benefit as well." -Madison Wilkinson, March 2022

"I chose to go abroad because it was something I have always wanted to do, and I thought the Germany trip was the best option for me. The best part about the trip was the fact that I came back with so many new friends. It was an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and experience new things with completely new people. I have too many favorite moments from my study abroad that it's hard to choose, however, I really cherish all of our group dinners when we were in a new city. Luckily for me I was able to travel, make friends, and experience new cultures all while earning my international experience credit towards my degree!" -Emma Getsinger, May 2022


"I chose to study abroad as PSU student not only for an improved outlook in my future profession, but I also did this to open myself up to a new environment and culture. I took on this journey so that I could further grow into my young adult life and create experiences that can only be achieved by taking a step out into the unknown world. Simple memories from walking through the old, uneven, rocky streets that might get you lost, to stopping by cafes for a quit bite between classes, to the days of making new friends from all different walks of life; these are the kind of memories that will stick with me forever. 

My time spent in Salamanca, Spain has helped me tremendously in fortifying my Spanish speaking and retention skills. It’s also provided me with the opportunity to receive the International Knowledge Certificate (IKE) for an addition on my Resume. When being provided the opportunity, studying abroad should a no brainer for anyone that desires a little bit of a change in their life.

My favorite memory from living in Salamanca, Spain was when my friends and I would meet each other at Los Jesuitas park. It's a large serene park with many walking paths and plenty of green space to bring a blanket and enjoy the afternoon. Some days we had planned a picnic, other days we sat and chatted, read, did homework, or played some games. If you study abroad in Salamanca, you must visit Los Jesuitas." -Logan Sandifer, Spring semester 2022

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