Parental Leave

Effective July 1, 2019 paid parental leave will be available for eligible Unclassified and University Support Staff employees.


Employees who meet benefits eligibility requirements, as defined by Pittsburg State University, and who have been employed for twelve months with the state shall be eligible to receive paid parental leave following a qualifying event (e.g., birth or placement of a child for adoption (up to 6 years of age)) occurring after the effective date of this policy.

Leave Period

Each parent designated as the primary caregiver for purposes of this policy shall receive up to six weeks of paid parental leave, and each parent who is designated as the secondary caregiver for purposes of this policy shall receive up to three weeks of paid parental leave. For part-time employees, the leave shall be pro-rated to their part-time appointment for the applicable time period. The fact that a multiple birth or adoption occurs (i.e., the birth or adoption of twins) does not increase the length of paid parental leave for that event.

(1) If both parents are employees and eligible for paid parental leave, one employee must be designated the primary caregiver and one employee must be designated the secondary caregiver.

(2) In such instances, the paid parental leave may be taken concurrently, consecutively, or at different times within the 12-week period immediately following the qualifying event.


Paid parental leave under this policy shall be at 100% of the eligible employee’s regular rate of pay and, while using paid parental leave, employees continue to accrue vacation and sick leave, as well as all other regular benefits in accordance with applicable rules, regulations, Board policy and statutes.

(1) Academic year appointments. Paid parental leave only applies during periods when the employee is in paid status. Employees on academic year or less than 12-month appointments may not request or receive paid parental leave for periods when not in a paid status.

(2) Holidays. Official and observed holidays do not count against paid parental leave. Employees utilizing paid parental leave on an official or observed holiday shall receive holiday credit. Employees may be permitted to take leave of other types (i.e., sick leave and vacation leave) in addition to the six or three weeks of paid parental leave, in accordance with other applicable Board and university policies.

(3) Timing. Paid parental leave must be taken within the 12 weeks immediately following the date of birth or date of placement for adoption of a child. Each state university may determine whether employees will be permitted to take this leave intermittently or in a solid block of time within that 12 weeks. Any paid parental leave shall run concurrently with leave permitted under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), if applicable.

Requesting Parental Leave

1. Complete the Parental Leave Request Form and return to HRS (204 Russ Hall)

Reporting Time While on Parental Leave

1. When reporting time on Parental Leave you will use the leave type "Parental Leave" on your time card. Please use the appropriate GUS Cloud Job "Entering Time Worked and Leave Taken" to report this type of leave.

Additional Information

  • Paid parental leave under this policy is not transferable and cannot be donated through a shared leave program or in any other way. Any amount of paid parental leave not utilized by the eligible employee in the 12-week period shall be forfeited.
  • Nothing in this policy shall be construed as prohibiting a state university from providing additional leave beyond that permitted under this policy, to the extent allowed by applicable rule, regulation, Board policy or statute, or from reassigning an eligible employee’s duties while the employee is on paid parental leave.
  • Each university shall implement this policy on or before July 1, 2019 for qualifying events occurring after its effective date. The effective date for this policy shall be July 1, 2019.

Page revision date: 09/05/2019