General Information

Jury duty leave with pay will be granted for the following:

  • required jury duty; or
  • in order to comply with a subpoena as a witness before the civil service board, the Kansas commission on civil rights, the United States equal employment opportunity commission, or a court; or
  • for an appearance before a court, a legislative committee, or other public body, if the Appointing Authority considers the granting of leave with pay to be in the best interest of the state.

You are not eligible for leave under this regulation when you are called as a witness on your own behalf or in an action in which you are a party. You may, however, request to use vacation leave, compensatory time credits, or leave without pay for this absence.

You may keep pay or other fees received for jury duty. If you are paid for a required appearance other than jury duty you may keep up to $50.00.

Requesting Jury Duty Leave

When you receive a jury or other summons, notify your supervisor immediately. Give him or her a copy of the summons as soon as it is received. You will be expected to report for work during any hours your presence is not required as a juror or in another official capacity.

Reporting Jury Duty Leave

Please refer to the appropriate GUS Cloud Job Aid "Entering Time Worked and Leave Taken" to report this type of leave.

Page revision date: 09/05/2019