General Information

Under the Kansas State Donor Program, all university support staff and unclassified benefits eligible employees may receive paid leave in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Employees may receive up to 30 working days of paid leave for recovery from an organ or tissue donation procedure.

  • Employees may receive up to 7 working days of paid leave following the donation of bone marrow.

  • Employees may receive 1.5 hours of paid leave every 4 months for the donation of blood.

  • Employees may receive 3 hours of paid leave every 4 months for the donation of blood platelets or other approved blood products.

    Donor Leave will not count as time worked for FLSA purposes. All Donor Leave will be paid at the regular rate. Donor Leave will only be paid for leave taken during regularly scheduled work hours. An employee does not have to exhaust accrued vacation leave, sick leave, or compensatory time before being eligible to receive donor leave. Donor leave only applies to the active employee and may not be used to care for family members who are donors. Do not record leave for state sponsored blood drives. This time will not count against the 1.5 hours allowed every 4 months under the Donor Leave program. Approved Donor Leave will count toward leave accrual.

Requesting Donor Leave

To request Donor Leave, complete a Donor Leave Request Form and give to your supervisor. Your supervisor should keep the Donor Leave Request Form in your department. Do not send the form to HRS.

Reporting Donor Leave

Please refer to the appropriate GUS Cloud Job Aid "Entering Time Worked and Leave Taken" to report this type of leave.

Page revision date: 09/05/2019