General Information

Disaster service volunteer leave may be granted when:

  1. the employee is requested by the American red cross to provide disaster services;

  2. the disaster is designated as a Level II disaster or above by the American red cross; and

  3. the disaster occurs in Kansas or in states contiguous to Kansas.

Disaster service volunteer leave may not exceed 20 working days in the 12 month period that starts the first day the leave was used.

Requesting Disaster Service Volunteer Leave

Employees requesting disaster service volunteer leave should request leave as designated by the department and notify their supervisor immediately. The department should submit a copy of the notice from the American Red cross to HRS, 204 Russ Hall.


Reporting Disaster Service Volunteer Leave


Please refer to the appropriate GUS HR Training Resources document for instructions on how to report this type of leave.

Page revision date: 02/22/2018