9 Pay 12 Payroll Deduction

General Information

Generally, 9 month faculty are paid for the academic year in 20 bi-weekly paychecks.  There are 6 paycheck dates during the “summer” pay periods that faculty may not receive paychecks.

Beginning with the 2017/2018 academic year, each faculty member who elects to participate in the 9 Pay 12 Payroll Deduction Program must complete a 9 Pay 12 Salary Payment Option Authorization form.  A flat dollar amount must be designated as the amount to be deducted as a Regents Deduction (AgyDed9py12) from each bi-weekly paycheck and held in a PSU Foundation account.  At the end of the academic year one paper check will be issued for the total academic year 9 Pay 12 deductions.  New participants may also need to complete a W-9 form for the Purchasing Department.  The 9 pay 12 form must be completed and sent to the Human Resource Services office by August 15th in order to participate in the 9 Pay 12 program for the academic year.

9 Pay 12 Salary Payment Option Authorization Form

Note that instead of participating in the 9 Pay 12 Payroll Deduction Program, employees can direct a specific dollar amount to be electronically deposited to a personal savings or checking account from their regular paycheck. To do this, HRS needs a Direct Deposit (EFT) Authorization Form and a voided check or deposit slip for any banking institute(s). 

Direct Deposit Form


W-9 Form

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