History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences Faculty and Staff


Tim Bailey
Dr. Tim Bailey
University Professor of Geography/Geography Program Coordinator

Phone: (620) 235-4336

Office: 314 Russ Hall

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Michele Barnaby
Michele Barnaby, MA
Instructional Professor of Geography/Master Advisor

Phone: (620) 235-4323

Office: 306C Russ Hall

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Catherine Hooey
Dr. Catherine Hooey
University Professor of Geography

Phone: (620) 235-4327

Office: 322 Russ Hall

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Chris Childers
Dr. Chris Childers
Chair/Associate Professor of History/US Political History; Early American Republic/Master Advisor

Phone: (620) 235-4324

Office: 406A Russ Hall

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John Daley
Dr. John Daley
University Professor of History/Military & Diplomatic History; 19th Century; Modern Germany/Master Advisor

Phone: (620) 235-4311

Office: 306E Russ Hall

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Jonathan Dresner
Dr. Jonathan Dresner
Associate Professor of History/World History & Asian History

Phone: (620) 235-4315

Office: 412 G Russ Hall

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Kris Lawson
Dr. Kris Lawson
Associate Professor of History/History Program Coordinator/Historical Methods; American Healthcare/Master Advisor

Phone: (620) 235-4319

Office: 308 Russ Hall

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Tarquin Schwartz
Assistant Instructional Professor of History

Phone: (620) 235-4314

Office: 327C Russ Hall

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Robert Smith
Robert Smith, MA MCLIP
Lecturer of History

Phone: (620) 235-4002

Office: 325 Russ Hall

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Kyle Thompson
Dr. Kyle Thompson
Associate Professor of History/British History; Modern Europe; Modern Scotland/Master Advisor

Phone: (620) 235-4318

Office: 323 Russ Hall

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Kelly Woestman
Dr. Kelly Woestman
University Professor of History/Local, Oral, and Diplomatic History; 20th Century USA

Phone: (620) 235-4316

Office: 403 Russ Hall

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Criminal Justice

Steve Angermayer
Steve Angermayer, JD
Lecturer of Criminal Justice

Phone: (620) 235-4337

Office: 303 Russ Hall

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Chris Bakke
Chris Bakke, MSCJ, CFE
Assistant Instructional Professor

Phone: (620) 235-4362

Office: 324 Russ Hall

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Chief Gregory Dagnan, MS
Lecturer of Criminal Justice

Phone: (620) 235-4325

Office: 412 Russ Hall

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Scott Squires, MA
Assistant Instructional Professor of Philosophy

Phone: (620) 235-4320

Office: 327 B Russ Hall

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Political Science

Darren Botello-Samson
Dr. Darren Botello-Samson
Professor of Political Science/Pre-Law Advisor/Program Coordinator for Political Science

Phone: (620) 235-4334

Office: 306F Russ Hall

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Yayoi Kato
Assistant Instructional Professor

Phone: (620) 235-4322

Office: 306B Russ Hall

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Matthew Tarpey
Dr. Matthew Tarpey
Assistant Professor

Phone: (620) 235-4346

Office: 306G Russ Hall

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Social Work

Kristen Humphrey
Dr. Kristen Humphrey
Professor of Social Work/Director of Social Work/Master Advisor

Phone: (620) 235-4329

Office: 412H Russ Hall

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Carol Meza
Dr. Carol Meza
Assistant Instructional Professor

Phone: (620) 235-4330

Office: 327 D Russ Hall

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LaShawn Noel
LaShawn Noel, MSW
Lecturer of Social Work

Phone: (620) 235-4325

Office: 412 Russ Hall

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Dory Quinn
Dr. Dory Quinn
Assistant Professor of Social Work/Master Advisor

Phone: (620) 235-4325

Office: 412 Russ Hall

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Jeremey Wolfe
Jeremey Wolfe
Assistant Professor

Phone: (620) 235-4178

Office: 327A Russ Hall

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Staci Wolfe
Staci Wolfe
Assistant Instructional Professor

Phone: (620) 235-4366

Office: 317 Russ Hall

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Browyn Conrad
Dr. Browyn Conrad
University Professor of Sociology/Program Director Women's and Gender Studies/Master Advisor

Phone: (620) 235-4333

Office: 316 Russ Hall

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Marjorie Donovan
Dr. Marjorie Donovan
Associate Professor of Sociology & Criminology

Phone: (620) 235-4335

Office: 412 D Russ Hall

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Gary Wilson
Dr. Gary Wilson
Associate Professor of Sociology/Coordinator of Sociology Program/Public Policy; Coordinator of Criminal Justice

Phone: (620) 235-6020

Office: 311 A Russ Hall

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Marty White
Administrative Specialist

Phone: (620) 235-4944

Office: 412C Russ Hall

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